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Words of Wisdom

I just wanted to give a shout-out to my good friend and ski partner Reed Finlay (now former ski partner?), for the birth of his son on Leap Day last week. With the Leap Day birthday, little Kershaw Finlay will no doubt be a huckster on the skis when he grows up. But, Uncle Randosteve […]


Skiing And Mainstream Media

It is pretty wild (and sorta cool) to see skiing all over the mainstream media recently. Too bad it took a bunch of awesome people dying for the bigger audience to realize the risks many skiers take every day. Unfortunately, I think Rob Gaffney speaks a lot of truths in this MSNBC video and I […]


Will The Hossack-MacGowan Route Get Skied Again?

While skiing in Glacier Gulch yesterday, I found myself staring up at and day-dreaming about skiing the Hossack-MacGowan route on the north side of the Grand Teton.   I think it has been about 14 years since the route had its last (2nd) descent, and although we have had some really phat snow years since then, […]


Punxsu-TELE Phil Update

Everyone has heard of old Punxsutawney Phil over there in Pennsylvania.  That little guy can make most skier’s smile by seeing his shadow on Groundhog Day, which means 6 more weeks of winter.  However, 6 more weeks of winter ends in mid-March, which is about mid-season when it comes to a Teton backcountry skier’s ski […]


How To Ski…and How Not To Poster

Not a whole lot going on in my world this week (except that I got out of jury duty…yay!) and just tip-toeing up and skiing the basics, trying to stay on top of the snowpack. Here is a photo of a poster we have at the shop that gets quite a few comments. It’s a […]


First Matterhorn SkiBASE…Lucky Matthias Giraud!

Pretty wild take-off by Matthias Giraud during the first ever ski-BASE off the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Matthias tags some rocks as he launches and looses a ski, which forces him into a front-flip to avoid certain death.  “As I reached the edge of the cliff and prepared myself […]


JHMR 2011/12 Season Pass Prices Announced

With a 25% reduction in the All Mountain Pass (Grand Pass) last season, it’s surprising that Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is able to reduce their price by another 5% ($1,195) for the upcoming 2011/12 ski season. Not only will the overall pass price go down, but the number of skier days will increase to 135 […]


More Grand Teton Speed Porn

Well, since someone (Brian Story) came within 3 minutes of breaking the Grand Teton speed descent record this weekend, as well as an impressive time on a Grand, Middle and South Teton ski descent link-up (Nathan Brown and Zahan Billamoria, 10:39), this video of Bryce Thatcher and Creighton King’s battle for the summer ascent and […]


HUGE Mount Rainier, Nisqually Glacier Rockslide

On the Nisqually recently and called the “biggest ever”. More information can be found here.


Grand Teton Ski Descent Speed Record Set?

UPDATE: Today, Utah residents Jared Inouye, Andy Dorais and Jason Dorais teamed up for a group solo ski descent of the Ford/Stettner Route and set a new bar with a time of 5:17 car-to-car. These guys are pretty speedy rando-races and the time will be very hard to beat. See the comments section of this […]


Lordy, Lordy…

Yup…call me Rando-Old Dude.


1984 Civetta Descent

I found this random video of a 1984 ski descent by Toni Velaruz (at the time, a 43 year old ski instructor at Val di Fassa) of the North East Wall of Civetta, a huge peak in the Italian Dolomites. The line is over 1000m long and averages 60 degrees. Though he had heli-assistance, the […]


Teton Skiers: Choose Your Line Wisely

Good news Teton skiers! It looks like spring might finally be moving in to the Jackson Hole region next week. (Maybe?) I know it has been a snowy winter and most folks are chomping at the bit to get into the high peaks and hit that line they have been thinking about all season. And […]


-URGENT- GTNP, Garnet Canyon Closure

In an effort to guarantee the safety of the public, as well as search and rescue personal during potential avalanche control work, and to preserve any remaining evidence that may be useful in the on going search for the missing persons in the area, Grand Teton National Park will be closing Garnet Canyon to public […]


Exum Speaker Seriers, Jack Turner

Jackson, WY—Fresh on the heels of Mark Newcomb’s sold-out February 16 presentation, Exum Mountain Guides, the oldest guiding service in the United States, announced today the second presentation in their Exum Speaker Series: renowned writer, explorer and climbing pioneer Jack Turner. Turner’s talk, “K2: The Shadow of the Savage Mountain”, will focus on two exploratory […]


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