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De-Stink The Stink

It’s that time of year again. The temperature is starting to rise (oh nooooo…) and your feet sweat like no one’s business when they are stuffed inside your thick and warm ski boot liners all day. I use thin synthetic socks when I ski, and they hold plenty of wrank foot odor on their own. […]


Words of Wisdom

I just wanted to give a shout-out to my good friend and ski partner Reed Finlay (now former ski partner?), for the birth of his son on Leap Day last week. With the Leap Day birthday, little Kershaw Finlay will no doubt be a huckster on the skis when he grows up. But, Uncle Randosteve […]


Trenching It

When relating to skiing, some people call it “trenching” when you leave deep ruts in the corduroy as you rail GS turns down the piste. Others, myself included, consider it “trenching” when you ski really deep and light powder (on skinny skis?), and you leave deep and wide trenches in the snow. Never-the-less, the snow […]


Scary Skin Track Moments

Whether it is whumps in the snowpack, unpredictable moose, or slick and icy spots, there can be some pretty darn scary moments when you are out on the skin track. How about this one? When what appears to be an untouched track of fresh snow…suddenly explodes into a ball of feathers and flapping wings as […]


I’ve Skied Everywhere

Well, obviously I haven’t skied everywhere, and I only managed to have skied at 24 of the 92 (I think?) resorts listed in this Johnny Cash tribute. (My list in the comments section.) What about you?!


Ski Rigs…Slow and Hot Wheels

If you are in the market for a new ski rig, here are two completely different sides of the spectrum that just might fit the bill…depending on if you want to be the first, or the last, to the trailhead. The vehicle above is a tracked version of the popular VW vans from the 60s. […]


Local Sledneck Vids

Well, since skiing couloirs in the Teton sun doesn’t seem to rile much interest, you may find these vids from our very own local sled-necks interesting. The first is from a guy riding around the Idaho/Wyoming border (maybe close to the national park boundary?) and nearly drops big when a cornice breaks under him. The […]


Punxsu-TELE Phil Update

Everyone has heard of old Punxsutawney Phil over there in Pennsylvania.  That little guy can make most skier’s smile by seeing his shadow on Groundhog Day, which means 6 more weeks of winter.  However, 6 more weeks of winter ends in mid-March, which is about mid-season when it comes to a Teton backcountry skier’s ski […]


How To Ski…and How Not To Poster

Not a whole lot going on in my world this week (except that I got out of jury duty…yay!) and just tip-toeing up and skiing the basics, trying to stay on top of the snowpack. Here is a photo of a poster we have at the shop that gets quite a few comments. It’s a […]


Got WY Wind?

They probably have one of these for every state that thinks they have off-the-charts wind. Still kind of humorous though.


If I Was Still Rando-Racing…

…today would have been a rest day. Glad I’m not. Have a siCKteR weekend!!


Neature Walk

I’m sorry, but nature is just so darn neat!


Chalk and Ski

Well, it appears as though things are starting to shape-up up here as-far-as coverage goes and this latest wave of moisture will really help open up some more terrain to get the season going. Even though some locations out there have a thick windslab and depth hoar layer that could be rather hazardous, I was […]


Review, Powderwhore’s “Breaking Trail”

In a day and age when everyone and their brother are making ski movies, short edits and weekly webisodes about what they have been skiing, Powderwhore has released yet another movie that was birthed in the Wasatch and travels around the world in search of great ski terrain and the characters that rip the slopes. […]


Occupy First Chair

Hmmm…I might have to side for the 1%’ers on this one. Who can argue with getting first tracks?


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