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Early Season JHMR Deal

I just wanted to send out this PSA to anyone that may be interested in a great deal for lodging and ski tickets to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort during the early season (thru Dec 23rd). Since JH has some of the best conditions in the lower 48 right now, as well as being named […]


Planning a Heli-Skiing Trip?

You see them all over the skiing forums…threads from people asking about all the different heli-ski operations in Alaska, as well as throughout Canada and the lower forty-eight. Dude, what’s the heli terrain like in Valdez vs. Haines? How are the guides at Bro-Show-Heli vs. Rad-Dude-Rotors? Will my helmeted head fit inside the heli with […]


Reader Poll…Are Teton Skiers Ready?

My alarm woke me up at 5am yesterday and I was the only car in the lot at the top of Teton Pass, as the WYDOT plow driver cleared the 6-8” of new snow from the parking lot. It looked like I was going to be breaking trail in the dark and solo, so I […]


2010/2011 Winter Weather Predictions

What’s in store for you this winter? Well folks, even though my mind is on skiing in the southern hemisphere right now, I’m still stressing and wondering how this coming winter is going to shape up here at home, both in regards to temperature and precipitation. Of course it’s every skier’s dream to have cold […]


Australis Movie…Early Screening

I just wanted to spread the word that “Austrails: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey” is a done deal and ready for ripping to DVD. I scored an advanced copy of the movie and though it was quite good. (See below for trailer) I don’t know if it is because I’ve been to Antarctica or what, but […]


10 Things You Need To Know To Become A Ski Bum

OMG…this is hilarious!!! Mostly true, this piece from the discounted gear website features some classic snubs and digs that will make anyone laugh at the life to expect as a ski bum. It’s written by Max Mogren, a J-Holer who recently battled with the uber-wealthy Foster Friess, who in retaliation to some comments made […]


Antarctica 2011 With Ice Axe Expeditions

Skiing in Antarctica last fall with Ice Axe Expeditions and Doug Stoup was one the most memorable things I have ever done and I will cherish those days for the rest of my life. I know there are a lot of people out there that dream of doing the same and while the Ice Axe […]


Reader Poll: Crossing Tracks…The Ultimate Faux Paus

So…I was having a conversation with the Kitty the other day about skiing over and crossing other peoples ski tracks when in the backcountry. I got on her case a little on our Sierra trip this spring about it (yeah…she crossed my tracks) and she was getting a kick out of a story I was […]


Interesting Wyoming License Plate Fact

Ever wonder why there are the little county numbers on the Wyoming license plates, or why Teton County is number 22, while the uber-scenic and desirable Natrona County is number 1? Well I did, and I came across some interesting information the other day that I think you might find interesting. What would the county […]


Ever Have This Problem?

This time of year, it’s often hard to find ski partners. It drives me nuts sometimes, because to me, this is often the best time of year to ski some of the radder lines and the access to at least some mountains gets a little easier. ? Dude…4am is way to early for me. I […]


Definition of Backcountry, Frontcountry, Sidecountry and Slackcountry Skiing

Sure wish I knew who keeps making these videos! If I hear one more person say that they “skied the backcountry today” after riding the tram…I’m gonna puke! To purists like myself (maybe?) there is a BIG difference between backcountry, frontcountry, sidecountry and slackcountry. Yeah, we can have fun in all of them, but with […]


Park Ski-Bike Tips

Using your bike to access ski descent is super rad! Click all photos for larger images. With the coming of spring…or at least the plowing of the GTNP inner road, it is a great time of year to incorporate a bicycle into your ski tours and shoot for some of the peaks and lines north […]


TBP: Most Significant Teton Climbing Achievments

Some of you many know about the plans to build a bouldering park at the base of Snow King this summer. Rumor has it that Teton Boulder Project is over the halfway mark in collecting funds for its construction. Part of the design element is having a steel retaining wall, in the shape of the […]


Antarctica/Aconcagua Gear List: Solar Chargers, Tents, Stoves, Altimeter Watches, Nutrition

I’m headed to the east coast for Gore-Tex camp today and I figure this will be the last gear list update before I head back to Jackson and then jump on a plane (or five) on Sunday to head southward to Antarctica and then on to Aconcagua. My mind has been racing and no matter […]


2009/2010 Winter Weather Forecasts and Predictions

What kind of winter can YOU expect? Once again, it’s that time of year when all of us skiers are wondering what the 2009-2010 winter has in store for us. Will it bring big snow storms with lots of power skiing and technical ski lines filling in for sickbird descents, or clear and dry weather […]


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