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Still MIA: One Black Diamond Whippet

Site of avalanche in Turkey Chute and probable location area of missing Whippet I motored back into Avalanche Canyon last Thursday in search of my Whippet that was lost in a slough avalanche incident while on a tour last winter with Brian Ladd…but to no avail. The winter shut down pretty quickly here in the […]


Close-call in Avalanche Canyon

Brian Ladd hikes around Taggart Lake after losing a ski in a slough avalanche in Avalanche Canyon. About halfway to the fork in Avalanche Canyon today was when I knew I should have gone skiing on Teton Pass instead. It was snowing really hard now, and you could hear the winds ripping on the peaks […]


PSA:BD Reactors Lost at the Village

Public Service Announcement I got an email from someone who lost some Black Diamond Reactor ice tools (nice ones) at JHMR on Friday. If found please call Travis, 307.690.9361. Reward!!!


Ice Tool Found

Great news regarding the lost ice tool post a couple days ago. It was found. YAY!!! I got an email from a viewer named Rob who found the missing Quasar, so I put him in touch with it’s rightful owner. Happy ending! Ahhh…the power of the internet. If you only knew.


Lost Ice Tool in Garnett Canyon!!

Did anyone find an ice tool up in Garnet Canyon? I have a friend that lost one of these Charlet Moser Quasar ice tools off his pack somewhere above the Meadows last weekend. I’m assuming in the North Fork. If so, please email me so we can get it back to it’s rightful owner, cuz […]


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