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Name That Couloir #18

Let’s play another round of…NAME…THAT…COULOIR! This one might be a bit tough and we may have a stumper.  (Prove me wrong!)  I think you really may have had to skied this couloir to know the name. BUT, you folks always surprise me on this stuff, so someone might recognize the lifts or the road at […]


Name That Couloir #17

Leave your answer in the comments section!


Name That Couloir #16

Here we have another “Name That Couloir” photo sent in from one of our TetonAT viewers. I’m thinking giving a photo credit might help give away the answer, so I’ll plug one in once the line is guessed. Leave your answer in the comments section and as always, if you think you have a good […]


Video: Name That Couloir #15

It’s been a long time since we played “Name that Couloir” here on (Click here for past posts.) To tell you the truth, I really liked this “game”, but honestly, I felt like I ran out of good photos of Teton couloirs. I’ve been thinking of expanding this “game” to include lines in other […]


Name That Couloir, #14

Well it’s not a couloir, but it is a peak over 18K…and I just started shopping for plane tickets to go ski it. Do you what it is? If I told you already…it doesn’t count. 8)


Name That Couloir, #13

Well, this one isn’t a couloir, but it is a popular descent in the Tetons. Can you guess where it is? Steve Romeo skis this one in great powder snow conditions


Name That Couloir, #12

Another one from the archives! This one is from 2000, when it still snowed alot. This was my first of two descents of this couloir, and it stands out as the best…ahhh, the early days! OK…I’m going to say this is a tough one…so give her your best shot!!!


Name That Couloir, #11

Another week of……..NAME THAT COOOOOULOIR! I’m not sure what to think of this one…if it is easy or hard, but I’m going to hold out from giving any clues to start off with. Give her your best shot!!!!!! 8) Derek “Stan” Everts skis this tasty line


Name That Couloir, #10

Here’s a good one located in the Teton Range. I got this seldom skied couloir in April 1999 with Reed Finlay in sweet powder conditions. Ahhh…the early days…before global warming. Any guess what couloir this is?


Name That Couloir, #9

Back to the home range for the next installment of….NAME…THAT…COULOIRRRRR! Any guesses? Another scanned image…this one from 2002


Name That Couloir, #8

Once again…another round of…NAME…THAT…COULOIRRRRR!!!! This one goes out to my California brotheren!!! I know you’re out there…let’s see what you got! Forgive me for the marginal photo. I scanned this from a pre-digi trip in 1999.


Name That Couloir, #7

I wanted to get a little NTC going before some more trip reports this week. OK…this one is not in the Tetons…but pretty easy for most well seasoned couloir aficionados. Leave your answer in the comments please!


Name That Couloir, #6

I don’t think this one is very hard. Guess away!!!!


Name That Couloir, #5

Another round…for your pleasure! I was surprised that the last NTC was named correctly…well, sorta…so I feel like I need to challenge you a bit more. This photo was sent to me by one of the Spackman brothers. If you think you may have been on this trip, please refrain form giving the answer away. […]


Name That Couloir, #4

Skiing up in Garnet Canyon today, and a scheduled rest day to follow…before the rando race here in Jackson on Saturday. Here we go again! Still in the Tetons is the only clue I can really give I guess. I’ve been pretty impressed with your ability to name them in the past, so what do […]


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