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Mega-fun Sunrise Powder!

I’ve been pretty busy with work and life-planning since coming back from the trade show, but dawn patrols have been paying off big. Today there was a pretty sunrise and the Carbon Megawatts mounted at +2.5cm treated my right. The tips are huge on these things and darn near impossible to bury, so I opted […]


Props To Teton Pass WYDOT Crew

While you have been sleeping the past few days, WYDOT crews have been working their butts off trying to get Teton Pass’s Highway 22 open and safe for car travel. As you can see in the photo below, with all the new snow Jackson Hole have been getting, this hasn’t been an easy task and […]


Skiing Teewinot’s Southeast Couloir

MAN…I have been having some great days skiing in the Tetons lately! Last week, it was warm spring-like conditions on sunny aspects, and now…powder and wind! It looks like it’s gonna dump huge this week, but I’m glad I got another warm sunny day skiing above the clouds on Teewinot with Kim Havell and John […]


If I Was Still Rando-Racing…

…today would have been a rest day. Glad I’m not. Have a siCKteR weekend!!


Name That Couloir

And I’ll give you $10 if you get it. Hint: In the Tetons…skied today.


Suprise Pow Day

Blue-sky and powder is no disappointment…YEAH!!! Man, it was nice to have a little surprise powder day today and the sun even burned through the clouds to make it that much more stellar! There sure seemed to be more new snow than the 2-3 inches reported this morning…at least where the wind blew it into […]



Making the best of it, as Randosteve finds some soft snow at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort today.


Busy, Busy, Busy…

Moonrise on Teton Pass, 12/8/11. Sorry for the lack of content lately, but the Rondo-itinerary has been very packed over the past couple weeks and I’m currently smack dab in the middle of a four day photo shoot. It is slim pickings as far as powder goes, since it hasn’t snowed much in the last […]


Early Season in the South Couloir of the East Prong

The fun part about skiing early season is that some lines are more technical and less filled in than they are the rest of the winter due to the low snowpack. The not-so-fun part about skiing early season is that some lines are more technical and less filled in than they are the rest of […]


Have A Great Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Thanks to everyone who comes here and shares the stoke we all have for skiing. I am looking forward to a great ski season to come and I hope you are too!! BTW, if you are looking for a cool way to enjoy all that tryptophan you consume today, click here to watch […]


Welcome Back Winter!!!

This backpack cam shot is my favorite so far this season, mostly because it shows more of the valley, and oh yeah…sickbird POWDER!!! It’s been a snowy last few days up here in JH, which has been awesome, and if you could withstand the 2-3 second long whumps in the snowpack while breaking trail, there […]


Review, Powderwhore’s “Breaking Trail”

In a day and age when everyone and their brother are making ski movies, short edits and weekly webisodes about what they have been skiing, Powderwhore has released yet another movie that was birthed in the Wasatch and travels around the world in search of great ski terrain and the characters that rip the slopes. […]


Solitaire: Another Sweetgrass Masterpiece

I was “spring breaking it” (drinking margaritas) last night and got stoked when I received a link to a screening of the new Sweetgrass Productions film Solitaire, which premiers in Denver tonight at the Gothic Theatre. Solitaire was filmed entirely in South America and I know even the purest eco-warrior skiers will want to kick […]


“One for the Road”, TGR Premiere This Weekend

Well, it’s that time of year again. The seasonal workers have all left town, the tourists are starting to thin out, the first skiff of snow was spotted above 10k’ and another Teton Gravity Research film premiere is slated for this Saturday in Teton Village. As in the past, there will be two showings, one […]


Titcomb Basin, 2011

With the busy summer tourist season in full swing, I’ve been ‘making the donuts’, yet somehow still managed to pull off a three-day ski trip into the Wind River Range last weekend. I wanted to go earlier this spring/summer, say 1-2 months ago, but it just didn’t work out with partners and schedules. Luckily though, […]


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