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Scary Skin Track Moments

Whether it is whumps in the snowpack, unpredictable moose, or slick and icy spots, there can be some pretty darn scary moments when you are out on the skin track. How about this one? When what appears to be an untouched track of fresh snow…suddenly explodes into a ball of feathers and flapping wings as […]


Skiing And Mainstream Media

It is pretty wild (and sorta cool) to see skiing all over the mainstream media recently. Too bad it took a bunch of awesome people dying for the bigger audience to realize the risks many skiers take every day. Unfortunately, I think Rob Gaffney speaks a lot of truths in this MSNBC video and I […]


Focus Needed

When skiing steep and exposed terrain, a skier needs to be 100% focused. A small slip of a ski edge, a milli-second loss of attention or even a simple misjudgment in terrain or snow conditions, can have very serious consequences and even lead to injury. Distractions can definitely be hazardous to one’s health in the […]


Local Sledneck Vids

Well, since skiing couloirs in the Teton sun doesn’t seem to rile much interest, you may find these vids from our very own local sled-necks interesting. The first is from a guy riding around the Idaho/Wyoming border (maybe close to the national park boundary?) and nearly drops big when a cornice breaks under him. The […]


Props To Teton Pass WYDOT Crew

While you have been sleeping the past few days, WYDOT crews have been working their butts off trying to get Teton Pass’s Highway 22 open and safe for car travel. As you can see in the photo below, with all the new snow Jackson Hole have been getting, this hasn’t been an easy task and […]


Snow King Asks…

PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT CONCERNING AVALANCHE CONTROL AND WINCH CAT OPERATIONS Do not travel above red line during Snow King snow control. Snow King Patrol and Grooming Operations Need Your Help Avalanche control and winch cat operations present hazards to anyone in the vicinity. For the safety of skiers, boarders and hikers, as well as the […]


Knee Pain and Barometric Pressure

I don’t know about you, but my knee has been killing me over the past few weeks. I’ve had a couple surgeries on my right knee (ACL reconstruction/Spring 1994, meniscus clean-up/Summer 1996) and it often pops, clicks and swells up on occasion. Some say that certain types of weather patterns can influence joint pain and […]


Bears, Bears, Everywhere…Still!!!

Bears in the skin track. For those that haven’t been paying attention, there has been a major influx of grizzly bears into the southern end of Grand Teton National Park in the past few months. Why they are down here is anyone’s guess, but I would think the gut piles from dead elk (yeah, hunters […]


BAD Moose!!!

I was charged by a bull moose today. I forgot my camera at home, so unfortunately no pictures, but here is the story anyway. I was hiking back to the Bradley/Taggart Trailhead around mid-afternoon, after a solo ski mission in Garnet Canyon. My skis were on my back and AT boots on my feet. I […]


Dynafit Speed Radi-Vert FT…Best of Both Worlds?

Too many Dynafit options is a good thing. Like you, I often struggle to decide what bindings I want to mount on which skis and it kills me when there are so many great options out there. On some skis, lightweight is the most important factor, but for other skis, having a bit more boot […]


Da Steeze

It’s important to look your best and follow the rules of the fashion police when backcountry skiing, as you never know when the paparazzi may jump out from behind a snow drift and take your photo, or when a tele-tubbie POV’er may ski up to you and include the cameo in their next 10k pageview […]


Bike/Run Transition Time

Since I turned the big four-oh this past June, I figured I’d change things up a little this  summer, go easy on my body and take a break from the pounding trail running puts on the joints, mainly my knees and back. To do that, I bought a new mountain bike (Giant Anthem X29er) early […]


The AT Plate Heavyweights

It’s pretty interesting to see how things are progressing in the AT binding market, especially in the big and beefy realm where skiers want the upmost level of downhill performance, security and boot retention. I’m quite happy and content with tech style bindings (in which nearly all models are based on the Dynafit binding design), […]


JLR and GTNP Avalanche Hazard PSA

With summer knocking on our door steps up here in JH, the big warmup I think is finally going to start (or already started?) this week. Last night it looks like the low at temperature at 10k’ was only 42F, so re-freezes and safe travel may begin to be iffy at certain elevations.  I’ve been […]


Snowmobile Ascent Of Terminal Cancer Couloir

Terminal Cancer Couloir in Nevada has become quite a popular destination ski descent, but will skiers and slednecks now be competing for first tracks? Recently, the narrow, 30 degree couloir was ascended by a snowmobile. After the ascent, the snowmobiles were then helicoptered off the mountain instead of […]


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