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Alpine Slides Revisited

The guy in this video riding the Mieders Alpine Slide with no brakes has nerves of steel and only makes a peep on a few epic corners and drops. Maybe that Snowbird Alpine Slide wasn’t such a bad idea after all?   Sure makes the Snow King alpine slide look…ummm, nevermind.  Imagine one from the […]


Neature Walk

I’m sorry, but nature is just so darn neat!


Occupy First Chair

Hmmm…I might have to side for the 1%’ers on this one. Who can argue with getting first tracks?


Ski Dance

Please, please, PLEASE keep snowing and SAVE ME!!! Receive a FREE Baselayer with a Mountain Hardwear DRYQ Elite purchase at While supplies last, through Nov 7th!


Cheese-Head Love

A car with this license plate pulled up in front of the shop the other day and it’s nice to see that all the cheese Wisconsin-ites eat hasn’t effected their judgement.


Got Sunburn?

Soooo…I was out skiing on one of those greybird/mostly cloudy/mountain snow-shower days last week (pretty much like every day last week) and of course, I didn’t use any sunscreen since it didn’t seem like the sun was really out. Well, at the end of the day (and after I got out of the shower) my […]



Resting the feet in Boca Raton, FL. When your ski season starts in October and ends in July, a little sunshine escape before the second half gets going isn’t too bad of an idea. I’m back in Jackson mid-week and will be raring to go for some great ski tours this spring. My hit-list is […]


What’s Next Snowbird…A Ferris Wheel?

Artist rendition of the “Mountain Coaster” at Snowbird, By Jared Hargrave. Yesterday, I was informed of Snowbird’s proposed roller-coaster to be built on the lower flanks of Mount Superior. It would be dubbed the “Mountain Coaster” (pretty creative…eh?) and would start about 400 vertical feet up the slopes of Mount Superior, have about 3,000’ of […]




John Denver Classic

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Ski Smoothie?



Sometimes I get bored of energy bars, blocks and gels when I’m out skinning. Don’t get me wrong now, Probars and GU products still give me the kick-in-the-butt energy I need to rally. But occasionally, the Albertson’s bakery sale rack really does the trick at getting me psyched to fill up the tank and is […]


Bears On The Skintrack

If you’ve been out skiing lately, make that…if you’ve been out skiing away from everyone else lately, I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of wildlife. Here in Jackson Hole, it seems like everything is on the move right now and on my last tour I saw about 15 moose, 10 deer, an ermin, 3 bald […]


How Do You Get Ready For The Ski Season?

Well, for me it’s trail running (or mountain running as I like to call it) and skiing, usually on grass or rocks. You just have to be sure not to hurt yourself on the rocks and wreck your entire season, so it does come with some risks. What do others do to get in shape? […]


Spicy Avalanche Conditions Expected in New Zealand

It’s pretty hard to avoid there being high avalanche danger in New Zealand when it snows 13 feet in 10 days. Like with most trips, local or abroad, I’ve started to eyeball the conditions and weather forecasts for New Zealand.  (Launch day is tomorrow!) seems to be the best website for weather and […]


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