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Bike/Run Transition Time

Since I turned the big four-oh this past June, I figured I’d change things up a little this  summer, go easy on my body and take a break from the pounding trail running puts on the joints, mainly my knees and back. To do that, I bought a new mountain bike (Giant Anthem X29er) early […]


How Do You Get Ready For The Ski Season?

Well, for me it’s trail running (or mountain running as I like to call it) and skiing, usually on grass or rocks. You just have to be sure not to hurt yourself on the rocks and wreck your entire season, so it does come with some risks. What do others do to get in shape? […]


Spots Available…AAI Winter Weather Forecasting Course

Are you looking for something to do as you wait for the snowpack to get deeper this November, and psyched on weather or avalanche forecasting, or want to become the go-to guru for all your friends wanting to know if they should go on their planned mission or not? Well…you might want to look into […]


Suunto M5 Getting Me Fit For New Zealand

Lately, I’ve been making an extra effort to go trail running and get in good physical shape for this upcoming trip to New Zealand. About month ago, I also received a new Suunto M5 training watch and with its different training guidance selections, it’s been really helpful in keeping me on track. See, the Suunto […]


Strengthen Your Vision At

Everyone knows that when you are skiing down a slope, you should be looking a bit down the hill and anticipating what might come up next, like rocks, trees and free-heeling hippies. And much like any sport, you need to process that information and be able to react quickly to avoid such obstacles. Many people […]


Are You A GU-oholic?

No? Well I tend to be…especially during the summer months when it’s harder to carry real food while trail running. In the winter, I’m more apt to stop and chill a bit while refueling, put on a layer, have some hot chocolate…but in the summer, I’d rather keep moving if I’m running. Chewing and breathing […]


Dope on a Rope

Randosteve making his first short-haul flight. Well, its’ taken about a whole year, but I finally popped my cherry yesterday with short haul training for Teton Country Search and Rescue, and made my first flight hanging from the bottom of the helicopter.  I was little nervous before my first go around, but once I was […]


Letters…Rando Race Training

Hi Steve. I have finally got my life situated enough that I can dedicate serious time to randonee racing. I plan to race quite a bit this year and want to train accordingly. I was hoping you could share with me some training ideas, whether they be specific exercises, workouts or even a general outline, […]


Video Tech Tip: The Burrito Roll

In the advent of soft shell jackets, it’s rare that I bring a Gore-tex shell with me when backcountry skiing. When I do, it’s more in the spring and summer, when the moisture is in the form of rain instead of snow. Even still, most of the time it sits in the bottom of my […]


Got Food for the Skiing the Backcountry!

This one’s for you Harpo! Food and nutrition are always hot topics and the focus of many emails I receive. My eating habits tend to vary a bit from winter to summer, and depend greatly on the activity I’m partaking in. Most of the time though, I tend to mix and match “real food” with […]


Doping in Rando Racing?

Is French ski mountaineering racer, Patrick Blanc, a dope(r)? You know the competition is competitive when athletes take drugs and cheat to gain an advantage. Recently, after the famous Patrouille des Glaciers race, 1 of 10 test results for doping have come back positive for one of the members of the winning French team. The […]


Bear With Me: Tips for Bear Encounters

Bear tracks from May 2, 2008. Click picture for largest image. Saw some day old bear tracks around the Bradley/Taggart area last week. Running into one of these guys (moose too!) in the dark, early morning hours is one of my biggest nightmares. Here are some things to think about if you have and encounter. […]


Thanks for the Donations!

Raised so far. It’s not too late to donate! I just wanted to recognize all those that have donated to the TetonAT Switzerland Fund before I head overseas on Weds morning to race in the World Ski Mountaineering Championships. Thank you for your enormous generosity!!!! I’m feeling pretty good right now and I just need […]


9 Days and Counting

I’m less than two weeks out from heading to Switzerland and wrapping up some of the finer details in relation to logistics, gear and training…and getting a haircut too! So far, the TetonAT Switzerland Fund has raised over $800 from generous donors all across the country. I thank you all! So far…your generous donations to […]


Laps on Glory With Black Diamond Bandit Pack

Mellow vibes on the pass with plenty of parking. Is it the snowpack…or the turtles? I was on a mission to do some laps on nature’s stairmaster…aka, the Glory bootpack on Teton Pass. It’s probably been over a month since I’ve skied on the Pass, but bootpacking is a great way to strengthen the legs, […]


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