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Don’t you hate it when you hike into the Wind River Range to camp for a couple nights and climb a 8-11 pitch route, and then realize when you are at the base of the climb the next morning, that you left all the slings back at camp? Doh!!! Well, at least the views were […]


Close, But No Cigar

Well, close is a relative term, but when you drive 6 hours, hike in and bushwhack through tough terrain and camp within a mile of your line, I’d say that is pretty close. Unfortunately, the wind, sun, rain, and graupel made this mission unsuccessful. Camp and the line in the upper left corner. Click photo […]


Red Skies at Morning…

…Skiers take warning. Windy + Cloudy=Icy + Shutdown…today. Click photo for larger image.


Don’t You Hate It When…

Don’t you hate it when you hike your skis and 65lb pack through blazing heat 12 miles into the backcountry, only to be denied your objective and hike out the next day because of a blister? Well I do! Luckily, it wasn’t my blister…and I didn’t have to drive 6 hours to get it. Oh […]


Is This the End? Denied on Moran’s Sickle Couloir

Cruising through the Jackson Town Square Well maybe not just yet, but I didn’t ski at all this weekend, though I did try. On Friday afternoon, I went out on Jackson Lake to camp and make an attempt on the Sickle Couloir on Mount Moran. Though the first descentionists (Jeff Roads/Cory Flandrow) succeeded in skiing […]


Skiing Gannett Peak, North Face…and Out

Tim Weydeveld and Steve Romeo skin towards the North Face of Gannett Peak on the Gannett Glacier. It pretty much snowed all night and we spent a lot of time banging on the sides of the Megamid and packing the snow around it’s sides so we wouldn’t be engulfed as the snow piled up it’s […]


Too Early…AND Too Late

Well…I/we got shutdown on a line I’ve been looking at recently. More or less for jumping the gun after a bunch of new snow fell in the mountains, as well as not being early enough…my biggest pet peeve. My plan was to ski the line around 11am…but it really needed to be more like 8am […]


Wind, Avalanches and Shutdowns

Small avalanche just above the Meadows in Garnet Canyon today. Well, looks like I went 1 for 3 this week…scoring a fun descent yesterday, but today, high winds shutdown a planned descent in Garnet Canyon. I have a feeling a few other groups got turned around as well, since the forecast was for mostly sunny […]


Teton Canyon Tour

Chris enjoys a moment of visibility above the Devil’s Stairs in the South Fork of Teton Canyon. Went couloir hunting in Teton Canyon with my friend Chris yesterday. Unfortunately the clouds obscured our objective, but we had some fun dust on crust skiing non-the-less. As we toured above Devil’s Stairs, a nice sucker hole came […]



Road Closed sign on Moose/Wilson Road. Surprisingly, Teton Pass is open today. Usually I make the right call when planning trips during inclement weather, but today, I dropped the ball and got shutdown…twice. I hooked up with Chris Onufer early this morning and after a brief pow-wow, we decide to head towards Togwotee Pass to […]


Cool Photo

Check out this photo that was emailed to me of a thunderhead cloud over Lusk, Wyoming. (Click here for a larger image.) Sorry no photo credit, but I’m not sure who took it. I think it was taken on September 10th of this year. Kind of looks like an atomic bomb going off. I guess […]


Weather Busts Gannett Push

Alpenglow lights up Squaretop Mountain and the peaks of Porcupine Creek The forecast for weather was up to 40% by the time we left Jackson at 4 am on Monday morning, some snow was also predicted. Not the best conditions for a speed attempt on Gannett Peak, but my stubbornness kept the trip on track […]


Bubble Fun Couloir-Skied It…But Didn’t Ski It

Gabe gets back to skiing after a short down-climb as Zahan looks down the Bubble Fun Couloir The Bubble Fun Couloir on the north side of Buck Mountain has to be one of the hairiest descent routes in the Tetons. It is extremely steep, has a very exposed entrance, and ends in a 200′ foot […]


Denied on the Northwest Couloir of Mount Wister

A light rain greeted Reed Finlay, Chris Figenshau and I at the Bradley/Taggart trailhead this morning. Valley temps were hovering around 38o, so only a thin crust had formed on the snow. Luckily our line was north facing and the clouds and wind were on our sideā€¦for the time being. This was my first attempt […]


Mountain Lion in Rafter J

Well, I was supposed to go heli-skiing today, but the winds and snow are keeping the ships on the ground. Hopefully they will fly and I can grab a spot in the next couple days. I guess I’ll be earning my turns once again today…no matter though. 8) Check out these photos on JH Underground […]


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