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Wolf Tracks, Gore and Powder

I slept in this morning (until 7) and didn’t get out of the house until almost nine. I was skiing solo today and it seemed to have snowed lightly all night, so I cruised to Wimpys for some more powder turns. The weather satellite looked like there might be some clearing skies today, so I […]


One of the Best Days Yet!!!

Well Brian Harder and I were on the trail to powder ski on Wimpys yesterday before 8AM. I could tell it was going to be a special day as the new snow got deeper and deeper as we climbed. The snow constancy was very light and there was like zero wind effect as well. Some […]


Winds in Garnet South Fork

Dustin and I decided to go up into Garnet Canyon today and check out the Chouinard and Ellingwood Couloirs. It has been almost a month since I’ve been up in Garnet, so it is going to be nice to check out the conditions. The morning started out nice and cold…probably about -20°F, and we waited […]


Frigid Temps in the Hole

Sub-zero temps have settled in Jackson and it was -18F this morning. Not much of an inversion yet, but the radiant heat of the sun still warms things up nicely. TCSAR training was canceled today cuz of the cold, so it looks like I’ll be skiing. Despite the frigid temps, I still have been able […]


First turns with my new Black Diamond Kilowatts

I got out for a couple runs on the pass before work today and I think I was the first person up Glory. Sometimes it’s hard to tell cuz the bootpack fills in so quickly. It was cold and windy. I was tempted to ski Glory Bowl since it looked like it had been freshly […]


Worker Turns and Avy on Taylor/Glory

I was a little slow out of the gate today cuz I had a meeting at work. Thankfully, Brian Harder waited for me and we were on the trail to Taylor Mountain a bit after 10. Surprisingly, this was my first time skiing Taylor. It’s weird how certain areas never make it into the cycle, […]


Filling in on Wimpys

I would say that yesterday was the best day of the season so far…powder-wise. The avy report said 5″ this morning. I’d sat about a foot by noon. Though it rained for a bit in town yesterday, it seemed as though it was all snow in the mountains. We still need more snow, but at […]


High Winds in the Mountains Today

The big news on the Pass and in the backcountry today was the winds. Brian Harder and I predicted 50-70 mph. The bigger gusts would knock you down…a good indicator when the winds really cook! I just checked the weather station at the Village and we were right on…67 mph at 7:45 and 10:15. Anyway, […]


Powder on the Pass!

Many skiers were psyched yesterday morning to see that 13” had fallen in the mountains in the last 24hrs….with more predicted throughout the day and tonight. Roads kept the traffic to a crawl, and Dustin, Reed and I weren’t on our way till after 8:30 am. We had plans to ski in the park, but […]


Early Season Conditions on Wimpys

Note: Some of you have requested that thumbnails in the posts open in a larger window. For the time being…right click on the image and select view image, thanks. Trying to stay away for Teton Pass these days before the Village opens, I went skiing in GTNP again today…Wimpy’s Knob. Some say don’t go, if […]


Peak 10,696/Maverick-First Park Tour

Today was my first Park tour of the season. Conditions are still quite thin down low but the snow up high was great! The temperature was -5F at the trailhead and we could feel it in our lungs. We followed a skin track across Whitegrass Meadow, to the top of Maverick and found some sunglasses […]


First Turns on the Pass

Last night it snowed…so I went skiing. This is my first ski trip since going to New Zealand it if felt great. Most of the snow has melted on the sunlight aspects, but a nice crust layer has formed were the snowpack has been able to hold on through the rain and warm temps. Glory […]


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