thinarcteryxArguably the leading manufacturer in technical outdoor apparel, Arc’teryx continues to find innovative ways to produce and develop new products. Arc’teryx’s commitment to perfection and to treat product design as an art, will always keep it at the cutting edge of the industry. Arc’teryx only uses the best materials when constructing it’s products and works closely with manufactures like Gore to develop them further. I use Arc’teryx products because they are no doubt the best out there and perform in every way. Whether I am looking for warmth, breathability or durability, I know Arc’teryx products won’t let me down. See all of what Arc’teryx has to offer at Arc’

thindynafitIf it wasn’t for the Dynafit binding, I’d probably telemark. The heavens opened to share their revelations when the design of this binging was envisioned. Its concept has remained the same for years yet has also evolved to meet the needs of all skiers looking to Speed Up their experiences in the backcountry. I use Dynafit bindings because they make sense and have never failed me. From the creation of the lightest bindings in the world, to versions that hold up to the most demanding skiers, Dynafit’s are the answer. See the design that keeps all us AT skiers in line, and get a chance to win a free pair of Z-zero CF boots at Speed Up:Dynafit.

thinblackdiamondIn 1989, the former employees of Chouinard Equipment signed the papers and formed Black Diamond, making it the first employee owned company in the climbing industry. Black Diamond is as all American as apple pie and its roots run deep in the advancement of climbing and skiing products. Black Diamond skis are the best in the business and I ski them because I like them. Their skis cover the spectrum from big and fast freeride skiing to mandatory jump turns, you-fall-you-die skiing. Add backpacks, climbing skins and other backcountry essentials, and your ready to rip. Check out the skis at and drop in to see all of Black Diamond’s products at

thinsuuntoI use my Suunto watches nearly every day. From tracking vertical when skiing in the park, to interval training and trail runs in the mountains, the renowned watches track everything there is to know about your adventure. Suunto watches help keep you from getting lost and at the front of the pack by combining innovative technologies with reliable workmanship and design that you can count on in a crux. It’s more than a watch�it’s a partner. Check out Suunto’s amazing watches and precision instruments at

thinprobarEven though I often don’t like to stop to eat on mountain adventures, I can always chow a ProBar because they taste so good. My favorites are the Superfood Slam, Koka Moka, and Whole Berry Blast. ProBars pack over 300 calories per bar and are made from 100% whole, raw foods. The best part is they contain 47 grams of carbs, 9 grams of protein and 19 grams of fat�to keep you going all day long. Give them a taste at

mountain-khakisThese pants have held up to daily wear and tear from painting my condo to twisting the throttle on the motorcycle and nearly still look brand new. Mountain Khakis live up to the demand of the mountain lifestyle adventure junkies have come accustomed to. They run the gauntlet from flip-flip weddings to transmission repair and everything in between. Visit a shop that sells them and get yourself a pair, they’ll last a lifetime. Home base is at and the adventure continues at

thinnuunI’ve chosen Nuun over other hydration products because it is formulated to actually be absorbed into your body faster that water alone. Nuun (pronounced Noon) is one of the few electrolyte drinks out there that doesn’t contain any sugar, an enemy to endurance athletes, or artificial colors and sweeteners�it is all natural. Nuun also avoids including carbohydrates into the mix, which can slow down the absorption of water in your stomach. I’ve tried nearly every electro-carbo-soy drink combo out there and in the end, all I really want from my water is hydration, and Nuun definitely promotes that.

thinortovoxOrtovox is one of the leading manufactures of avalanche rescue equipment for backcountry skiers. From probes, to shovels, to avalanche transceivers, Ortovox continues to push for advances in design to make the tools we need better and easier to use. Ortovox also makes some very nice backpacks that have the ability to organize the gear we need better than many I’ve tried. You can always count of Ortovox for the best equipment you can buy. Visit them at

Backcountry ProvisionsWhen I’m sick of eating energy food, I turn to Backcountry Provisions (BCP to the locals) to fill up my stomach. BCP is a deli who has locations in Jackson Hole, Fort Collins and Steamboat Springs. They only use the finest meats and it’s worth getting a sandwich just for the pickle…they are that good. I like to throw in some chips and a San Pellegrino soda to wash things down. Jackson owner, Troy Perrine is an avid backcountry telemark skier and you’re bound to see him ripping on The Pass, in the Park or at the Village. Stop by the Jackson location at 50 West Deloney and take a look at their menu at

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