By: randosteve|Posted on: December 23, 2006|Posted in: People | 2 comments

My friend, Jay Petervary, is training for the Ididabike race in Alaska this winter. Last week he went to Yellowstone to check his gear and fine tune his system. After a few miles on the trail, he was approached by a park ranger and kicked out for riding his modified snow bike on them.

I also read in the paper this week that the park is now offering a high-speed/express shuttle to Old Faithful this winter. It travels at about 30mph and whisks tourist to the Snowlodge. These machines, along with snowmobiles, are fully allowed to cruise up and down the trails at will.

What gives? What harm is my friend causing by riding his snow-bike on the trails. Aren’t snowmobiles and snow-coaches more intrusive that one person pedaling their way through the park?