By: randosteve|Posted on: March 27, 2007|Posted in: Gear, Gear Reviews | 3 comments

Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transciever

Christmas came a little late for those who wished for the new Ortovox S1 avalanche transceiver….but at least it came this season. We just got the new S1 in the shop yesterday, and sold one the same day. Pretty surprising considering the current snow conditions and overall vibe I get in town these days when I continue to be amped and talk about skiing.

Ortovox S1 self-test screenI put one on hold for myself (in case I can’t work some kind of angle for a ‘demo’ model) and we only had six show up, so if you are interested in one, come by soon. The price was originally set for $550, but will go for an even $500 now that it is in full production.

I played with it a bit in the store, and got a feel for the start-up and self-test function. I also was able to run through the menu quite easily without reading the manual, which is nice. I tried the search function, but it’s hard for all transceivers in the shop to work correctly, with all the computers, lights, etc…buzzing through the air, so I couldn’t really test that end of it yet.

The S1 does have some cool added features though, including a compass, thermometer, inclinometer, group test mode, and a few others. I will continue to play with it and maybe pick one up for myself, so look to hear more about the Ortovox S1 down the road.

Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transciever