By: randosteve|Posted on: April 19, 2007|Posted in: About Steve Romeo | 5 comments
Backcountry Skiing Blogs Take Off, By Michael Perlman

I’m gambling with the weather for turns today, but a big thanks to Michael Perlman for his great piece on backcountry skiing blogs in the weekly edition of the Jackson Hole News and Guide yesterday.

Michael was kind enough to feature in his article “Backcountry-skiing Blogs Take Off”. He included some quotes from Steve Romeo (AKA: Randosteve) and his royal blogness himself, Louis Dawson… who maintains the popular It was placed on the front page of the sports section too, so that made me feel good.

The image above is just a visual (and please ignore the streaks, my scanner bites)…so please click here to read the article on the JH News and Guide website. Thanks!