By: randosteve|Posted on: November 14, 2007|Posted in: Gear | 8 comments

Dynafit Guts

I’m donating a pair of orange Dynafit TLT’s to Julia for her conversion to the dark-side. This pair has been on a few pairs of skis over the years, and most recently I mounted them on a pair of old straight skis to go sand skiing late this summer. I needed to clean them up and give them a once over before mounting them on her new rides.

I’ve taken these binders apart before, and it’s not too difficult. The main thing to remember is to loosen up the DIN springs before you start pulling off any pieces, and not to over tighten the screws that hold the top plate (with the heal lifter) in place. Losing some of the little parts is always a concern, but considering the fact that the whole binding is made up of only a handful of pieces, it shouldn’t be that tough.

When you start thinking about it, it is really amazing the holding power that the darn things have. I’ve broken very few parts over the years and have trusted my life and limbs to their security. If I want them to releases I can have them release and if I don’t want them coming off my feet…I can have that too. There are some bindings out there that seem to think that weight and beefed up parts is the key to durability and performance, but they are wrong. The key is in the design and you can’t lose with the Dynafit system for tourabilitly, functionality and light weight.

Skiing on the Dynafit system can’t be beat either. The set-up is more responsive than nearly any other binding…period. The torsional rigidity allows for the most precise movements to be transmitted to the skis. This adds to both power and efficiency in the turn. Love it!

Some people out there are dismayed by the looks of Dynafit bindings and can’t believe something so small can be strong enough…or high performance enough…but in the end…they truly are!!!!