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Merry Christmas to all!

Zahan skins accross Taggart Lake

Well…I had plans for a Merry Christmas…full of deep powder skiing, chilling with RandoKitty and massive amounts of eating…but last night I got a TCSAR call-out for some missing skiers on Togwotee Pass and now I’ll be spending the day looking for them. To tell you the truth…I’m not that psyched about responding to this one and I lost all interest in opening up any gifts last night after I got the page. But duty calls and I hope it will at least have a happy ending.

Thanks to Brian and Dina for organizing this delectable menu!
I hope I’m back in time to enjoy it.
What are you having for dinner tonight?


Selection of hand- and wild-picked artisanal fresh fruit, hand-arranged crackers and other assorted vehicles for flavorful, rare, cave-aged stinky and un-stinky cheeses

Main Courses

Fabulously marinated, tenderized, imported, and drenched leg of lamb

The best risotto in the world

Seasonal hand-braised pork tenderloin flame-grilled al fresco by hand and served with kick ass au jus

Gently fried imported eggplant hand-misted with the juice of virginal lemons

A marriage of feta cheese crafted from the milk of hand-reared, free-range goats and spinach imprisoned in a phyllo cage

Attractively broiled young sweet potatoes co-mingled with “regular” potatoes and blanketed in savory butter and hand-grated cheese of the cheddar variety

Select stalks of hand-picked, flame-grilled asparagus with rich overtones of sodium chloride and hinting of Szechwan peppercorn

Rando Salad with wild-picked Gogi Berries from the highest plateaus of the Himalaya

The best artisan, heirloom, hand-punched, hormone-free bread in the world


Several awesome selections (that might or might not include a chocolate fountain)