By: randosteve|Posted on: February 20, 2008|Posted in: International, Trip Planning | 12 comments

Dents de Midi
The Dents de Midi.

I’m out the door today on my way to Switzerland! My flights go through Denver, Washington DC, Munich and then on to Geneva. I’ve got some Ambien to help me get some rest and sleep…and hopefully help me deal with some of the jetlag. I struggle with sleeping on planes, all crammed in like sardines. I’m traveling with Zahan and Cary on the first and last flights, and hopefully all our connections work out so we can rendezvous in Munich and then Geneva.

This is the Coat of Arms for the Canton du Valais in which Champery lies.

Arc'teryx hangtagsAs usual, my two bags are at their maximum limit of 50lbs, and I had to keep pulling out things in order to make the limit. It looks like we will be spending a day or two in Geneva, before heading to the town of Champrey, which sits below the Dents du Midi (Teeth of Noon) and Dents Blanches (White Teeth), which look like some cool peaks. Our hotel where I will be staying…along with the rest of the US team is the Palladium de Champery. Their website has some good links to different webcams in the area…check it out! It looks like they have wifi, so I will stay in touch as much as possible. Got go…ciao!