By: randosteve|Posted on: July 17, 2008|Posted in: Humor | 12 comments

Sorry about the two day post there, but with the Vimeo problems, I wanted to make sure the slideshow got it’s fair share of views.

Well, it’s been a quick start into the heat of the tourist season here in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park and it doesn’t seem like the high gas prices are keeping anyone at home. As usual, the odd, humorous and puzzling questions and comments from the helpless tourists have already been adding up at the shop and are now good enough to share.

(Here’s a link to Part 1 from last summer. Good stuff!)

  • Customer: These binoculars make things look smaller. Employee: Mam…those are backwards.
  • Customer: What state am I in? Employee: Confusion?
  • Customer: What are flip-flops?
  • Customer: Can I rent an axe ice?
  • Customer: I want to hike on those spiky mountains up there. How do I get to the top?
  • Customer: How do bear bells work? Do you ring it when the bear comes at you?
  • Customer: Scuse’ me, that’s not the altitude…it’s the depth! Employee: Sir, Jenny Lake is not 6800′ deep.
  • Customer: What mountain is the pointy one?
  • Customer: Is the Great Teton the one with all the snow on it?
  • Customer: Do you have a whisk broom? It’s the ultimate for car camping!
  • Customer: Dude, what’s the town down there? The one with all the antlers.
  • Customer: What’s this Veilcloud brand all about?
  • Customer: What elevation is sea level?
  • Customer: Look at all the pretty jump ropes (climbing ropes)!
  • Customer: After growing up skiing in Colorado, the snow in the Alps just doesn’t compare!
  • Customer: Do Moose east eagles? Husband: Honey! Moose eat fish…right?