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Static Peak East Face…Early

Icy North Face Static Peak

Got a little sketched-out skiing the North Face of Static Peak the other day, a first for me as it usually looks rocky and terrifying. Morning clouds and wind kept things firm on aspects that typically get sun at first light. I knew it would be icy, but went for it anyway. (It’s good training…right?) […]

The Early Bird Gets the Worm on Static Peak

With the warmish temperatures we’ve been having lately (both day and night) and shallow freezes in the snowpack, it’s no wonder there seems to be little skier traffic in the hills recently. Low and behold though, our now historic snow-pack is starting to consolidate and there is some good skiing to be had…you just have […]

Teton Skiers: Choose Your Line Wisely

Good news Teton skiers! It looks like spring might finally be moving in to the Jackson Hole region next week. (Maybe?) I know it has been a snowy winter and most folks are chomping at the bit to get into the high peaks and hit that line they have been thinking about all season. And […]

Did I Poach the Powder…or…Sorry Mr. Bighorn!

Historically here in the Tetons, winter closures to protect wildlife habitat in Grand Teton National Park have started on December 15th. Area closures around and near the town of Jackson, mainly Forest Service land, start on December 1st. Advocates like the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance put out ads on the radio and in newspapers (do […]

Happy Fourth of July From!

Skier’s raise the American Flag on the 4th of July on the summit of Static Peak in Grand Teton National Park. I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July Weekend! Last year, I skied Buck Mountain on the fourth, but this year…there is much more suffering in store. Battling muddy/wet trails, heavy […]

Mount Hunt: East Shoulder and North Face

Brian Ladd skiing the North face of Mount Hunt. Now that the bighorn sheep closures (Dec 15th-April 15th) have expired in the Grand Teton National Park, it’s a great time to hit peaks like Mount Hunt, Prospectors and Static Peak, which are typically off limits for most of the season. Skiing from the summit of […]

Avalanches, Avalanches…Everywhere!

Avalanche on Static Peak. I got out to ski some very variable snow on Friday and saw the evidence of a few more avalanches.  I think most happened on Wednesday…naturally.  The slide on Static Peak had a maximum crown height of 6-8′ and looked to have triggered another avalanche lower down on the skiers right, […]

Video TR: Skiing Static Peak

What Are You Waiting For?

Early season turns on Avalanche Bowl. Photo in Jackson Hole News and Guide. Cuz if there’s snow on the ground…I’m gonna damn well ski it. Really, it’s still pretty thin out there, but there’s plenty of snow to get the skis on and get some good skiing under your belt before the season really kicks […]

String Lake Lines, St Johns and Rockchuck Peaks

Sunrise on Rockchuck. I’ve been out skiing the past four days…nothing too exciting though. Two shutdowns and two mini-lines out of the String Lake Trailhead. There have been some good freezes at night, but the weather forecasting has been tough. The shutdowns were due to lingering weather in the early morning hours. Both successful trips […]

Report Your Sheep! Teton Range Bighorn Sheep Project

Not one from the Teton herd, but I have seen some while skiing the SE Face of the South Teton, Static Peak, and Eagles Rest. With the big snows this year, there is no doubt a lot of wildlife have had a hard time and unfortunately paid the ultimate price. It’s requested that if you’re […]

Skiing Buck Mountain: Southeast Couloir, Part II

Having made the decision to ski the couloir, it was now time to act and ski with confidence. Steep and tight couloirs are no place to be if your are tentative and you must be ready for anything…an icy patch…some breakable crust…windslab…you never know what you’ll get. Reed skied the top section first and the […]

Skiing Buck Mountain: Southeast Couloir, Part I

Not skiing for a few days. I’m in Needham, MA visiting family. Hope I’m not missing anything. The Southeast Couloir of Buck Mountain is in the center of the photo, in the shadow behind the rock buttress. Click on photos for largest image. On Wednesday, Reed and I made our second attempt to ski the […]

Skiing Static Peak's East Face

Our ski tracks can be seem below the East Face of Static Peak It’s not Austria, but I’m off to Salt Lake City for a few days to attend a Black Diamond athlete summit and I’m pretty excited for this event. We will be getting a tour of the Black Diamond offices and production facility, […]