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Fat Skis and Snow Compaction

Sooo…while surfing the inter-webz both in the past and more recently, I’ve read some chatter about how fat skis might contribute to more avalanches, since they produce less skier compaction of the snow. At first I was skeptical, but after thinking about it more, I guess I can see how it might be true.  Many […]


Black Diamond Split Skins…Two Thumbs Up!

Leave your mark in the snow with Black Diamond Split Skins. I’ve got about 20-25 days on the new Black Diamond Split Skins so far and I’m not sure why anyone would use other types of skins for their ultra-fat skis anymore. For those not up to speed, BD introduced the Split Skin this season. […]


An Argument for Fat Skis

Would you rather ski in the powder…or on it? Me? I’m an “on the powder” kind of guy these days and ultra-fat skis are the key to staying on top.  The fatter the better really, and my BD Megawatts shine for this. In the powder…or on the powder.  Which do you prefer? Pro’s to skiing […]


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