Waaaaayyyy Remote Trigger

Barring multiple avalanche warnings and overall sketchy snow conditions, it’s petty hard to sit around the house or wait in lift-lines with a bazillion other skiers, and I’ve been trying to get out into the backcountry and ski what is available…without getting killed in the process. After getting denied and turning around at 8k’ in […]

Avalanche PSA: Albright/Wimpys Massif

Major avalanche activity on the Alright/Wimpys massif. It was pretty crazy driving up to the park this morning and checking out all of the avalanche activity…especially on runs like Wimpys and Albright that get regular traffic. My guess is that most of these slides occurred yesterday, before noon. It didn’t look like anyone had been […]

Missing the Powder Days

I am so missing the powder days and I’m bummed that I didn’t really get any June powder skiing this year. Here’s a little powder skiing video stoke from the North Couloir (AKA, Peaches Couloir) on Wimpys…one of my favorite places to ski powder in the park. The skiing on this day was great and […]

Train Like You Rescue

It was hard not to react to Dick Hall’s letter to the editor in yesterday’s weekly edition of the Jackson Hole News and Guide. Dick comments on a recent observance he had with some ranger driven snowmobiles near the popular backcountry ski run, Wimpy’s, in Grand Teton National Park. While my initial, knee jerk reaction […]

Albright? Allllriiiggghhht!

I found myself at the top of Wimpys, three out of four days last week. Some people may think it’s lame to ski the same run all the time, but when it nuking winds and dumping a foot of snow a day, who can blame me for heading to slopes I’m familiar with and I […]

More Powder

Reed Finlay gets set to lay down a fat smear turn in the big snows on Friday morning. The crown of the natural avalanche can be seen in the upper right corner. I had plans last Friday to try and ski a pretty cool line I’ve been looking at for long time now, but the […]

Powder Pics

Note: Thanks to all those that have donated so far to the TetonAT Switzerland Fund. The biggest donation has been $100 (family…gotta love em…your too Loeffler) and the smallest has been $5…which I am just a greatful for. Thank you all for your support! Ghost skier sighting on Wimpys. Once again I got my days […]

More Powder on Wimpys

Randosteve breaks off a cornice on top of Wimpys on Saturday. After the blizzard on Friday and with the 14” of new snow in the mountains on Saturday, Reed and I braved the high avalanche danger and ventured to Wimpy’s for a day of breaking trail though thigh deep wind drifts. The track was completely […]

Wolf Tracks, Gore and Powder

I slept in this morning (until 7) and didn’t get out of the house until almost nine. I was skiing solo today and it seemed to have snowed lightly all night, so I cruised to Wimpys for some more powder turns. The weather satellite looked like there might be some clearing skies today, so I […]

One of the Best Days Yet!!!

Well Brian Harder and I were on the trail to powder ski on Wimpys yesterday before 8AM. I could tell it was going to be a special day as the new snow got deeper and deeper as we climbed. The snow constancy was very light and there was like zero wind effect as well. Some […]

Frigid Temps in the Hole

Sub-zero temps have settled in Jackson and it was -18F this morning. Not much of an inversion yet, but the radiant heat of the sun still warms things up nicely. TCSAR training was canceled today cuz of the cold, so it looks like I’ll be skiing. Despite the frigid temps, I still have been able […]

Filling in on Wimpys

I would say that yesterday was the best day of the season so far…powder-wise. The avy report said 5″ this morning. I’d sat about a foot by noon. Though it rained for a bit in town yesterday, it seemed as though it was all snow in the mountains. We still need more snow, but at […]

Early Season Conditions on Wimpys

Note: Some of you have requested that thumbnails in the posts open in a larger window. For the time being…right click on the image and select view image, thanks. Trying to stay away for Teton Pass these days before the Village opens, I went skiing in GTNP again today…Wimpy’s Knob. Some say don’t go, if […]