Live To Ski Weekend Video

I put this video together of the three days of skiing that was my weekend…I think a couple weeks ago now. Nothing too outlandish, and it starts with a couple pics from a nice ski tour to No Woods Basin. The meat of the footage is a mission in the northern end of the park. […]

Suprise Pow Day

Blue-sky and powder is no disappointment…YEAH!!! Man, it was nice to have a little surprise powder day today and the sun even burned through the clouds to make it that much more stellar! There sure seemed to be more new snow than the 2-3 inches reported this morning…at least where the wind blew it into […]

Thanks For Getting Me Amped!

I’m sitting here fighting a cold, resting, and staring out the window at a beautiful bluebird day. I’m also responding to some emails about Teton approaches, which lead me to revisit this video. Thanks for your emails…they are getting me amped for a park day tomorrow. 🙂

Video: Skiing Irene’s Couloir on Disappointment Peak Video Updates

Well, I finally think I have this VIMEO thing figured out and I’m pretty sure it is working now with most versions of Internet Explorer (not sure about Safari), though it does show an error in the code somewhere. I recommend Firefox for your browser. While jonesing for winter recently, I’ve been spending time uploading […]

More Photos from Disappointment Peak

Sliver of a moon in the morning I’ve been a little busy the past few days with work and TCSAR helicopter short haul training at night. I’m done with the classroom stuff for short haul, so next time I’ll be hanging below the ship flying around like superman. Yeah…just a little nervous about it. I […]

Video: The Couloirs of Disappointment Peak

NOTE: If anyone wants to ski free at Grand Targhee on Friday or Saturday and is willing to help set some skin tracks for the rando race…please call Andy Williams @ 307-353-2300. You can’t really see them, but these are the four couloirs I played in on my days off last week. Thanks to whoever […]

Stoking the Fire and Unskiabowl Rescue

Randosteve boots up a couloir on Disappointment Peak as spindrift falls from above. Photo: Reed Finlay I got out on Wimpy’s yesterday and with 2′ of fluffy snow blanketing the slope it was unbelievable . Broke trail from the Maverick cut-off the whole way with rando racer Scott Coldiron who is in town from Boulder/Spokane […]

Spoon Couloir-Disappointment Peak

I was psyched to get out today! It was my last of three days off from work and the skies were blue and the snow was powder. Today was my first ‘official’ ski trip with Brian Harder. Though we have hooked up a few times randomly and talk about racing in the shop all the […]

Sentinel Couloir-Dissappointment Peak

It has been a long weekend of working and partying, but unfortunately not much skiing. I’m working today but doing intervals on Snow King this morning. I won’t really be rando racing until February…so I still have some time to whip myself back into shape. I have the rest of the week off from work, […]