Southwest Couloir, Mount Moran

It seems high pressure is in the house in the Tetons lately and here for a long term stay. With a ton of avalanche classes and other skiers making their rounds on the lines close to the parking lots and trailheads, I teamed up with Reed Finlay for an adventure far from everything else. We […]


After skinning about 30 miles, as well as climbing and skiing Mount Moran over the past two days, I will admit it…I’m tired. More photos to come. The Cathedral group at 6:41 pm last night.

Northeast Ridge Variation, Mount Moran

Skiing the Northeast Ridge of Mount Moran has been on my Teton hit-list ever since I started getting more serious about ski mountaineering in the late 90’s. Reed Finlay and I made our first attempt at it in 2006, shooting for the line Stephen Koch did on the first descent, which continued past the gendarme […]

Mount Moran: Sickle Couloir

Randosteve skis the upper section of the Sickle Couloir on Mount Moran. A couple weeks ago, before the heat of summer set in here in Jackson and the snow surfaces were still looking smooth, I managed a trip to the north side of Mount Moran to ski the Sickle Couloir with Wray Landon and Dustin […]

Mount Moran North Side Ski Routes

Upper half of the Skillet Glacier. Skillet Glacier– The most classic and sought after descent on Mount Moran is by far the Skillet Glacier. In the past, this line would rarely see descents during the mid-winter months, but more recently, the six mile approach across Jackson Lake has been tackled during the wee hours of […]

Mount Moran South Side Ski Routes

Because of the immense overall size of Mount Moran there are many ski routes on the mountain, though only a couple come of summit without any sort of rappel. Most of the time, the broad, flat summit is stripped of snow by the wind, making a true summit descent challenging. Virtually every aspect of Moran […]

A Week of Mount Moran

Mount Moran is no doubt one of the most iconic mountains of the Teton Range. At 12,605′ it ranks as the fourth highest peak of the range and with a prominence of over 2,500′, its summit massif is a daunting goal…made even more challenging by its remoteness and relatively difficult approach. It is an impressive […]

Mount Moran Via Snowmobile…

I’m pretty sure, by law, snowmobiles are only allowed on Jackson Lake for ice fishing access. Looks like these cats were fishing for something else! I can’t help to wonder how often Mount Moran (and other north district peaks/lines) would get skied on a regular basis if everyone decided to ignore the snowmobile policy on […]

Skillet Glacier

Falling Ice Glacier

Is This the End? Denied on Moran's Sickle Couloir

Cruising through the Jackson Town Square Well maybe not just yet, but I didn’t ski at all this weekend, though I did try. On Friday afternoon, I went out on Jackson Lake to camp and make an attempt on the Sickle Couloir on Mount Moran. Though the first descentionists (Jeff Roads/Cory Flandrow) succeeded in skiing […]

Mount Moran's Skillet Glacier in a Day…Almost.

On Easter Sunday, I tried to ski the Skillet Glacier in a day. I tried to avoid this trip as much as possible since I wasn’t that psyched about the 2 am start at Jackson Lake. It would also be my fifth day of skiing the backcountry in row and I wasn’t sure how strong […]

Heat, Avalanches, and Couloirs in Leigh Canyon

My trip to Mount Moran with Reed started out as planned and we got on the trail towing sleds just before 6 PM. When the weather warms up this time of year, Reed often likes to drive his grandfather’s 1968 Ford Country Squire station wagon…a classic ride to say the least. The skies got dark […]

Off to Mount Moran

I’m headed to Mount Moran for a few days of ski mountaineering with Reed Finlay. We are skiing into camp late Monday afternoon in order to maximize our time in the mountains. We will be coming out on Thursday. Both of us are towing sleds cuz it is really flat terrain to camp. I like […]