Winner…Guess My Time…Gannett Peak

Thanks to everyone who played Guess My Time…Gannett Peak, and thanks to La Sportiva for donating the Exum Pros to the winner. I hope you had as much fun with it as I did. While it humbles me to think that some of you guessed that I was able to break the record for Gannett […]

Guess My Time…Win A Pair Of La Sportivas!

I’m giving away a pair of La Sportiva Exum Pros to the person who comes closest to guessing my and Wray Landon’s car-to-car time on Gannett Peak yesterday via Green River Lakes, Tourist Creek and Minor Glacier. (Click here for route description.) One guess per person please, but feel free to ask questions if you […]

Peter Bakwin Sets New Speed Record On Gannett Peak

For those of you that have climbed Gannett Peak (13,804′), the highest mountain in Wyoming, you know that for most people it tends to be a 3-5 day trip, mainly because of its long approach. But there are some folks out there (there seems to be more and more of them these days) that are […]

Gannett Peak Gallery

Skiing Gannett Peak, North Face…and Out

Tim Weydeveld and Steve Romeo skin towards the North Face of Gannett Peak on the Gannett Glacier. It pretty much snowed all night and we spent a lot of time banging on the sides of the Megamid and packing the snow around it’s sides so we wouldn’t be engulfed as the snow piled up it’s […]

June 12, 2008: Twin Slides, Teton Pass

Really nothing special in this video. It’s just amazing that there is still such great skiing to be had on Teton Pass all the way to the parking lot and I wanted to document it. Part 3 from Gannett tomorrow. Ciao for now!

Skiing Gannett Peak's Gooseneck Couloir: Part 2

Randosteve summits Gannett Peak When I’m in the mountains, it’s one of the few times I rely on my alarm to wake me up. Needless to say, it wasn’t until 2:40 am, and the second time my Suunto CORE beeped, that I arose out of a restful sleep. I could hear the winds ripping up […]

Skiing Gannett Peak's Gooseneck Couloir: Part I

Jeramie Prine splitboards through Ink Wells on the way to Gannett Peak. When WyomingSplitride from Landiego (aka, Jeramie Prine from Lander) invited me to join him and his cousins to ski Gannett Peak (highest in Wyoming) in the Wind River Range, I jumped at the chance. For the past 2-3 years now, Gannett has been […]

Panorama from the Top of Gannett Peak, Wyoming!

Birthday Boy off to Ski Gannett Peak Routes

Excessive frosting is a good thing! How I’m spending my birthday today. Wake up at 3:30 am. Put finishing touches on backpack and make quad, Cafe Rando. 4:30, drive 2.5 hours to Crowheart, WY. Hook up with Jeramie Prine (and friends) from Lander. Pay an exorberant amount of money to access a trailhead on reservation […]

Weather Busts Gannett Push

Alpenglow lights up Squaretop Mountain and the peaks of Porcupine Creek The forecast for weather was up to 40% by the time we left Jackson at 4 am on Monday morning, some snow was also predicted. Not the best conditions for a speed attempt on Gannett Peak, but my stubbornness kept the trip on track […]

Going for Gannett

I’m going for a speed mission to Gannett Peak in the Wind River Mountains with Julia today. The plan is to leave Jackson at 4am Monday morning, and drive to the Green River Lakes trailhead. We should be able to move pretty fast on the road at that time, so we are hoping to be […]

Guest TR: Gannett Peak-North Face

While the Tetons are looking pretty thin right now, the rest of Wyoming is sounding pretty good. I got word that conditions out of Elkhart Park are prime right now. J-Holer’s Mike Calla and Kyle Steger were able to drive to the trailhead and then skin all the way to Titcomb Basin last week. They […]

Wind River Glacier Awareness on NPR

Gannett Peak rises in the distance Wyoming Public Radio’s weekly news program, “Open Spaces,” features a group of Jackson skiers, who climbed and skied the state’s highest peak to raise awareness about global warming. Lead by Jackson mountaineer Forrest McCarthy, the group skied Gannett Peak in the Wind River Mountains, which encompasses the greatest concentration […]

Salvaging Ski Descents in the Winds

This Saturday, the 14th, is the anniversary of my first ski trip ever into the Wind River Range in 2005. I put a little piece together about the trip and sent it to some magazines, and ended up getting two pages in Backcountry. I was really hoping to get a feature slot, so I had […]