East Ridge of Mount Wister

A fun day skiing over the weekend with Brandon French, Kevin Grove and Reed Finlay on the East Ridge of Mount Wister.

Photos from Mount Wister

Mount Wister: East Ridge

After a week off the skis while in Mexico, I was SO jonesing to get back skiing when I arrived back in Jackson on Monday. Though I found some potential touring partners at the gate in the SLC airport, I started to panic when my first phone call didn’t result in a partner. However, my […]

Denied on the Northwest Couloir of Mount Wister

A light rain greeted Reed Finlay, Chris Figenshau and I at the Bradley/Taggart trailhead this morning. Valley temps were hovering around 38o, so only a thin crust had formed on the snow. Luckily our line was north facing and the clouds and wind were on our sideā€¦for the time being. This was my first attempt […]