Taylor Mountain Avalanche

Taylor Mountain avalanche, January 24, 2012. Today, a highly experienced local avalanche guru caused a stir on Taylor Mountain and the Coal Creek region on the west side of Teton Pass when an intentionally triggered avalanche resulted in more than he bargained for. The slide grew in size quickly, pulling out far to the skier’s […]


Making the best of it, as Randosteve finds some soft snow at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort today.

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Moonrise on Teton Pass, 12/8/11. Sorry for the lack of content lately, but the Rondo-itinerary has been very packed over the past couple weeks and I’m currently smack dab in the middle of a four day photo shoot. It is slim pickings as far as powder goes, since it hasn’t snowed much in the last […]

Albright Slayage

Skier’s on North Couloir of Albright. Click all photos for larger image. After a windy day on 10,696, the weather broke for a bit on Sunday and I was on my own. I got a slow start out of the condo, but was on the trail a little before 9am, following a skin track up […]

Maybe He Should Have Used Dynafits?

Props to Derek for having the cahones to drop into Central Couloir while it is still a pretty large, mandatory, double-drop air at the bottom. Unfortunately, it appears his alpine setup couldn’t stay on his feet and his ski popped off just as he went for it. Glad he didn’t get hurt. I’ve only skied […]

Jackson Hole FWT Highlights

I was out at JHMR on Saturday for the FWT competition. I was mostly at the base area helping man the Black Diamond booth, one of the title sponsors, but it’s pretty wild to see the lines some of the competitors came up with, both in the Casper and Tower Three venues. Congrats to all […]

Bears On The Skintrack

If you’ve been out skiing lately, make that…if you’ve been out skiing away from everyone else lately, I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of wildlife. Here in Jackson Hole, it seems like everything is on the move right now and on my last tour I saw about 15 moose, 10 deer, an ermin, 3 bald […]

The Classics

Just some classic Teton pics from getting out early with my dad the past few days. Moulton Barn.

Corbet's Couloir Delivers With 16" at JHMR

Randosteve slides into Corbet’s Couloir at JHMR. After well over four years of not riding a single ski lift to ski (at least for fun), I broke my streak and scored on a nice ski day at JHMR yesterday. The avalanche forecast reported 16” of new snow in the last 24 hours and considering I’ve […]

First Turns of the Season

Randosteve gets his first turns of the 2009-10 ski season at Grand Targhee. When it snows 12-18″ on Oct 1st at Grand Targhee…there’s no way I’m not going to get out the door and investigate.  Randokitty only had to mention the word ‘skiing’ once…and our trail running plans were quickly put on the back burner […]

TetonAT Classics, Circa 1997

Randosteve gets down in the Gros Ventre Slide. Yeah baby! That’s what I’m talking about…Steep Tech…skinny…long skis…Alpine Trekkers! That’s the way is was for me back in the day, touring around with Team Extreme (me and my JHMR bros Reed Finlay and Chris Onufer). At least that’s what I remember, especially from this great day […]


By the looks of the Jackson Hole area webcams (see bottom right sidebar), we’ve just got some valley fog going on this morning. A little dusting of fresh snow on our side, but as usual…a bit more coverage for our neighbors over the hill in Idaho. My knee is killing me today (and last night) […]

Tour De Northern Tetons

After returning from the big mountain ranges of British Columbia and Rogers Pass, the Tetons began to feel a bit on the small side. However, all it really takes is a step away from the norm to find solitude and vast expanses of new terrain. Here are some pics from a tour last week getting […]

Avalanche Death at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

I’ve been holding my breath all day today in fear of an avalanche incident on the Pass or at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Unfortunately my thoughts have come true. The details are still very sketchy, but the word is that at least two substantial in-bounds avalanches occurred today at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. One […]

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Tram Unveiling

Tukuarika Peak .GIF

With the bighorn sheep closures going into effect on December 15th in Grand Teton National Park, it’s always fun to explore the slopes of the peaks that you don’t get to ski for most of the winter.  Yesterday, I got out with Reed to ski the East Face of Tukuarika Peak, which is just shy […]

Guest TR: Is This Triple A?, By Mark Fellermann

Dan carving calculated turns down the half-pipe. The voice came from above. It wasn’t God. “Are you guys OK?” Dan was pounding a piton into a seam and I was flaking the ropes. We looked quizzically at each other, and then up at the couple poised on the edge of the natural half-pipe. We both […]

Teton High Country Looking Good

Teton high-country looking good. Click photo for huge image! I don’t know if you’ve been getting out skiing, but I know I have.  Although the snow pack is mostly bullet-proof on most aspects (due to recent high altitude rains and high winds) it is also very supportable and has held up well, making for good […]

October Hunting…For Turns

Sunrise on the Grand and Teewinot. While lots of people are out hunting to get their elk, deer or bison, I seem to be one of the few hunting for October skiing.  New moisture in the Teton area has been pretty light over the past week, but it sure would be nice to see some […]

When the Clouds Lift

Though it’s just a start, I feel a lot better after today’s weather.