Once Bitten Twice Shy in Quartzite Canyon

Randosteve launching with the sunrise from Colter Bay in GTNP. Click all photos for larger image. After a long day skiing in Waterfalls Canyon and one day off to recover a little, Reed Finlay and I went back up into the northern range to investigate a ski line that we have both been eying for […]

Steamy Tetons Photo Dump

Sunrise on the Grand Teton. Click all photos for larger image. I’m just wrapping up a block of days off with some great powder skiing under mostly sunny skies, which makes for good ski photos. I had one shutdown mission, due to some tricky wind-slab conditions and the call to play it safe. I’m headed […]

Peak 10,696/Maverick-First Park Tour

Today was my first Park tour of the season. Conditions are still quite thin down low but the snow up high was great! The temperature was -5F at the trailhead and we could feel it in our lungs. We followed a skin track across Whitegrass Meadow, to the top of Maverick and found some sunglasses […]