Static Peak East Face…Early

Icy North Face Static Peak

Got a little sketched-out skiing the North Face of Static Peak the other day, a first for me as it usually looks rocky and terrifying. Morning clouds and wind kept things firm on aspects that typically get sun at first light. I knew it would be icy, but went for it anyway. (It’s good training…right?) […]

The Early Bird Gets the Worm on Static Peak

With the warmish temperatures we’ve been having lately (both day and night) and shallow freezes in the snowpack, it’s no wonder there seems to be little skier traffic in the hills recently. Low and behold though, our now historic snow-pack is starting to consolidate and there is some good skiing to be had…you just have […]

Happy Fourth of July From!

Skier’s raise the American Flag on the 4th of July on the summit of Static Peak in Grand Teton National Park. I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July Weekend! Last year, I skied Buck Mountain on the fourth, but this year…there is much more suffering in store. Battling muddy/wet trails, heavy […]

Avalanches, Avalanches…Everywhere!

Avalanche on Static Peak. I got out to ski some very variable snow on Friday and saw the evidence of a few more avalanches.  I think most happened on Wednesday…naturally.  The slide on Static Peak had a maximum crown height of 6-8′ and looked to have triggered another avalanche lower down on the skiers right, […]

Video TR: Skiing Static Peak

What Are You Waiting For?

Early season turns on Avalanche Bowl. Photo in Jackson Hole News and Guide. Cuz if there’s snow on the ground…I’m gonna damn well ski it. Really, it’s still pretty thin out there, but there’s plenty of snow to get the skis on and get some good skiing under your belt before the season really kicks […]

Skiing Static Peak's East Face

Our ski tracks can be seem below the East Face of Static Peak It’s not Austria, but I’m off to Salt Lake City for a few days to attend a Black Diamond athlete summit and I’m pretty excited for this event. We will be getting a tour of the Black Diamond offices and production facility, […]