Video: Southeast Face of the Middle Teton

Click here to see some photographs from this descent.

Photo TR: Southeast Face, Middle Teton

Note: This route isn’t in the guidebook and I wonder if it has been skied before. Click photos for larger images. I have been eyeing the Southeast Face on the Middle Teton for a few years now and after one busted solo attempt, I got out with telemarker Chris Onufer this weekend and scored pretty […]

Slideshow: Middle Teton’s Southwest Couloir to Icefloe Lake

Skiing off the summit of the Middle Teton. After skiing the South Teton, we looked at our watches and decided we had time for one more run before other commitments needed to be respected. Our mission was to boot up the Southwest Couloir of the Middle Teton and then ski it…all the way to Icefloe […]

Photo of the Day

Randosteve skiing the Chouinard Couloir on the Middle Teton. Photo taken by Toby Stegman from West Hourglass Couloir on Nez Perce. Click here for a video from the descent.

Video TR: Couinard Couloir, Middle Teton

I’m very excited about my latest little movie and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I think it is my best yet! I know watching these little creations on days when I can’t ski…or at night when I’m dreaming about skiing…really helps with my “head”. I hope they help with yours. […]

East Face/Glacier Route

Ellingwood Couloir

Chouinard Couloir

Southwest Couloir, Middle Teton

Southeast Couloir, Dike Pinnacle

Koch’s Couloir

More October Hunting

Since I had gotten some good turns in the Cave Couloir last Thursday, I was jonesing to ski much more that before and I lured Brian Harder out to join me for another go at October hunting. To me, the most logical next place to scout for turns was the Middle Teton Glacier. Its north […]

Video TR: Skiing the Middle Teton Glacier Route

The Glacier Route on the Middle Teton…as skied on June 19,2008. The last time I skied this route was in March of 2004. Picture taken from Disappointment Peak on December 24, 2005. Enjoy the video!

Is it Freezing at Night in the Mountains?

Randosteve skis the Glacier Route on the Middle Teton on Thursday. Click here for larger image. I’ve been getting a lot of email’s lately of people asking me how I think the skiing is right now…if the snow is freezing at night…and about specific route conditions in general. Though I had heard reports of great […]

Dike Pinnacle: East Ridge to Koch’s Couloir

In June of 2006, Reed Finlay and I skied the East Ridge of the Dike Pinnacle on the Middle Teton and then continued on to ski Koch’s Couloir down to the moraine. Here’s the trip report for the archives. I remember this descent vividly because it stands out a one of my favorite late season […]

Ellingwood Couloir-Middle Teton

Can you find the skiers/climbers in this photo of the Grand Teton? Today’s trip to ski the Ellingwood Couloir on the Middle Teton evolved from many options that we put on the table both the night before and as the day progressed. It was my first day skiing with Dustin Lemke since he came back […]

Cold Day on the Middle Teton

I was fired up to get into the mountains today, especially when Brian Harder and I drove north past the Fish Hatchery and saw clear skies over the mountains. We got going right as the sun hit the mountains and it was a beautiful morning. We were headed to the Middle Teton and I can […]

Dike Pinnacle/Middle Teton-East Ridge to Southeast Couloir

It was good to see some colder temps yesterday morning. Having not been in the mountains for a few days, I wanted to ski something exciting. Most of the bigger lines in the Tetons aren’t filled in that well this season, so the dedicated skier must sniff out new terrain. I’ve stared at the Dike […]

Chouinard Couloir-Middle Teton

I wanted to sleep in and recover from skiing The Grand yesterday, but I’m back to work today and down to SLC for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show this weekend…so I have to ski while I can. Luckily, my bro Dustin Lemke charged ahead with me to work out the lactic acid in the legs. […]