Wow…Someday, Baffin Island.

Thanks to Jordan Manley for putting together this video from a ski trip to Baffin Island last spring. It reaffirms my need to visit the area and explore. Not looking forward to the 130km snowmobile ride, though.

Johno Verity: Avalanche

I just thought I’d share this video of an avalanche UK snowboarder Johno Verity was caught in while filming in New Zealand a few years ago. After a few close calls last year (like this and this), I’m pretty much scared shitless of avalanches these days (which might be a good thing?), but I’m hoping […]

The Hulk Hogum, By Jared Inouye

Congrats to Jared Inouye, Andy Dorais and Jason Dorias, who just last week completed what they dub, “The Hulk Hogum”, a link up of 8 steep couloirs and lines in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT.  Jared shares his take on the day in this trip report and claims success on his lightweight gear.  For the most […]

Off The Couch

This has got to be one of the longest trip reports I’ve ever read for 12 hours of skiing.  Luckily, it’s a fantastic read written by Christian Beckwith, who got out for a day of skiing last weekend with one of the Teton’s most talented skiers, Mark Newcomb. A nice descent of the Northwest Couloir […]

Sit-Skier Chris Devlin-Young Skis Corbet's Couloir

Earlier this week, US Paralympic member Chris Devlin-Young became the first sit-skier to ski JHMR’s legendary Corbet’s Couloir, unaided. Corbet’s was dubbed “America’s Scariest Ski Slope” by USA Today (there is even a play-by-play on how to ski it, at least for people that have function of both of their legs) , and I’m assuming […]

Second Descent of the Aguille Blance de Peuterey

From what I’ve been hearing, conditions in the Alps this spring have been absolutely stellar for ski mountaineering to say the least, with rad lines being ticked off by some great skiers and snowboarders. Some have been first descents, while others have been repeats of lines that haven’t been skied in decades. On June 4th, […]

Skiing in Spitsbergen and the Mountains of Norway

I had the opportunity to ski in Norway this year, but bailed on it because of life obligations. Soooo…when Doug Stoup contacted me about his recent ski trip there after a couple of North Pole expeditions, I was psyched to hear about his experience and even more psyched that he has done the research, homework […]

Video From Skiing The Archangle Ridge on Mount Foraker

I’m killing time in Ushuaia right now before my flight to Mendoza tomorrow and I thought I’d share this video that was sent to me by Ryan Bougie from his and Marcus Wharing’s ski descent of the Archangle Ridge on Mount Foraker this past spring. Pretty wild to see these guys nail this descent on […]

TR: First Descent of the Archangel Ridge on Mount Foraker

When I originally posted about the first descent of the Archangel Ridge on Mount Foraker, it was questioned by some. Thanks to Marcus Waring for putting this trip report together and setting the record straight, and congratulations on a successful first descent of an amazing ski line. –Steve. Photo courtesy of “…Now that we […]

John Griber Survives Serac Fall on Mount Everest

I’m sure some of you followed the First Ascent climb of Everest this spring.  What some you you might not know is that John Griber and Twelve Point Media were also on the trip and the ones doing all the video work on the mountain. John’s been all over the world and on all kinds […]

Guest TR: Grey Wolf Couloir, Mission Range, MT

Thanks to Ryan Minton of Bozeman, Montana for this trip report of a trip he did to ski the aesthetic Grey Wolf Couloir on Grey Wolf Mountain located in the Mission Range in the northwestern part of the state. –Steve In early May, I joined Josh Gage, Sam Magro, and Jason Leppi and headed to […]

Randokitty Chutes the Moon

Randokitty skis Chute the Moon. Last weekend, I got out with a great skier-friend of mine and finally “Shot the Moon”! Chute the Moon is hardly radical by TetonAT standards, but I had been staring at (and obsessing about) this aesthetic line on the north side of Peak 10,696 for most of this ski season. […]

Wet Slide on Tuckermans Stirs Critics

Junk show at Tuckerman’s Ravine? Rumors of mayhem and unorthodox backcountry etiquette on the slopes of Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mount Washington last Saturday, buzzed on skiing forums over that last few days. Enough so, that the popular forum based website,, ended up removing a thread from a snowboarder caught in a wet-slide (one of […]

Video Courtesy: Greg Hill

As usual, Greg Hill put together an interesting video (in his own quirky way) from a couple days skiing with him and his bros in Roger’s Pass. Watching this brings me back to the big views and amazing terrain the place has to offer. A must-do trip for any dedicated backcountry skier. Thanks for the […]

Slovakia AT: Krčmárov Couloir

One thing I love about having this website is communicating with all the other skiers from around the world. Many of us come from the same mold and we are all passionate about our skiing. One particular visitor, whom I only know as “Matus”, is from Slovakia and comments often on these pages. Recently, […]

Second Descent of the Hossack-MacGowan on the Grand Teton

Thanks to Andrew McLean for his account of the second decent of the Hossack-MacGowan Couloir with the late Hans Saari. And rumor has it congratuatlions are in order as his wife is pregnant with their second child. Nice one Andrew! Anyway, I think this is the last of the three part series (part 1, part […]

And the Winner of the TetonAT Trip Report Contest Is…

Congratulations to….well…not so fast. First I want to thank all those that entered the Trip Report Contest. I’d also like to thank Penn Newhard and the rest of the crew at Black Diamond Equipment for donating a pair of skis to this contest. Without them…there would be no contest. It was a little crazy […]

Guest TR: Ridgeway, By Alex Kerney

Note: This trip report is part of the TetonAT Trip Report Contest. Alex is now in the running to win a FREE pair of Black Diamond skis based on viewer response and the TetonAT panel of judges! Good luck Alex!! Fleeting patches of sun during a rest stop on the pass. So I loaded up […]

Guest TR: Wapta Icefield, By Jerimy Arnold

Note: This trip report is part of the TetonAT Trip Report Contest. Jerimy is now in the running to win a FREE pair of Black Diamond skis based on viewer response and the TetonAT panel of judges! Good luck Jerimy!! Franz leading on the Peyto Glacier. Finally we made it down to Peyto Lake. Struggling […]

Guest TR: Wasatch Solo, By Grant Mathias

Note: This trip report is part of the TetonAT Trip Report Contest. Grant is now in the running to win a FREE pair of Black Diamond skis based on viewer response and the TetonAT panel of judges! Good luck Grant!! The Retreating Storm. “Are those voices”? It can’t be. No one ever skis this place. […]