Success (Finally) in the Southwest Couloir

When you hear Teton skiers talk about skiing the Southwest Couloir, you most likely would think of the southwest couloirs on the Middle Teton or Mount Moran , which are well known (as far as ski descents go) here in the Teton Range. Early this season though, I somehow got the itch to explore the […]

The South Teton's East Ridge

After spending five hours in the car on Friday driving to the trailhead only to turn around and drive another five hours back to Jackson, needless to say I was fired up to get out and get some skiing in this weekend. The local forecast was for temps in the low twenties at night, which […]

Video TR: Skiing the Southeast Couloir of the South Teton

I was testing out a new helmet cam on this trip and the picture was a little over exposed…sorry! I also included the YouTube version in case anyone is having trouble with the Vimeo feed.

Southeast Couloir Stoke

Got a little lucky a couple days ago and had a fun descent of the Southeast Couloir on the South Teton with Chris Figenshau. While many aspects seem to be pretty wind hammered right now, the steep, easterly slopes in the couloir held some surprisingly good snow. I had my helmet cam with me and […]

Gallery: Southeast Couloir, South Teton

Gallery: Amora Vida Couloir

Claiming First Descents

So fellow skiers. How do you claim a FD (first descent…bra) without getting chastised by the greater backcountry community when some lurker comes out of the snowpack and says he skied the line back in 2002? Good question. Now first off, please know that this isn’t a prelude into claiming some sick new line on […]

Think YOU'RE Fast? Jimmy Chin Solo Skis The Grand Teton, Middle Teton and South Teton

Jimmy Chin’s Trifecta Route. Click here for larger image. Well, on occasions I do, but when I hear about days like the following, I feel like I’m slow as molasses. Photographer, skier/climber and The North Face sponsored athlete, Jimmy Chin shot me an email last week breaking down his recent (last Friday) light and fast […]

Video: Amora Vida Couloir on the South Teton

I’ve been fiddling with the video function of my digi-cam here at I shot some stuff of Brian Ladd skiing the Southeast Face to Amora Vida Couloir on the South Teton a while back, and put together this little clip. Obviously it’s not TRG or an HD bit from Trackhead…and I shot it on […]

South Teton-Amora Vida Couloir

Before rallying to California and Mt Shasta, I got with Brian Ladd again for another trip into Avalanche Canyon. Amora Vida on the South Teton had been haunting me after getting a good look at it on an attempt on Mt Wister a few weeks ago and a descent was in order. Taggart Lake was […]

Southeast Couloir-South Teton

Well it is nice to be home, but I had a great trip to SLC looking at gear and talking with great people. I’m back in the store today, writing orders for next winter already, but I’m getting out on the King this morning to stretch the legs a bit before a couple days off. […]

My Favorite Photo

I was sitting here…uploading photos to the website when I came across this shot. Dustin Lemke took this of me skiing the Southeast Couloir on the South Teton on Jan, 25 2006, in about the best conditions possible. The pow/corn combo if I recall!!!