Buck Mountain’s Buckshot Edit

A week ago today.

Buck Shot Slideshow

Got out yesterday with Reed Finlay to ski a fun line on Buck Mountain I hadn’t skied before called “Buck Shot”. It’s kind of the north east face of the mountain and consists of two big hourglass-like features and is a 2000′ shot right into Avalanche Canyon. The top was steep, but not too steep […]

Newc Couloir

Video TR: Skiing the Newk Couloir

Does This Scare You?

Click photo for zoomed in view of crown area. Well it sure scares me! I know, I know…the snowpack is healing as we speak…right? I’ve been getting all the emails, reading the forum threads, and talking to all the folks on the skin track. Everyone really seems to be getting a better feeling about this […]

North Couloir, West Peak

East Face, Buck Mountain

Bubble Fun Couloir

Southeast Couloir, Buck Mountain

July Ski in Jackson Hole…Check!

I think I’m going to try for ‘turns all year’ this year (my first time) and on July 4th, my friend Chris and I hiked up to Buck Mountain to ski its East Face, scoring a 3000′ descent of decent summer snow. I’m not totally sure why, but I’m still accustomed to the early bird […]

Skiing Buck Mountain: Southeast Couloir, Part II

Having made the decision to ski the couloir, it was now time to act and ski with confidence. Steep and tight couloirs are no place to be if your are tentative and you must be ready for anything…an icy patch…some breakable crust…windslab…you never know what you’ll get. Reed skied the top section first and the […]

Skiing Buck Mountain: Southeast Couloir, Part I

Not skiing for a few days. I’m in Needham, MA visiting family. Hope I’m not missing anything. The Southeast Couloir of Buck Mountain is in the center of the photo, in the shadow behind the rock buttress. Click on photos for largest image. On Wednesday, Reed and I made our second attempt to ski the […]

Views From Above

Awesome views of the north side of Buck Mountain down to Phelps Lake. Looks like there are still some icebergs in Timberline Lake too. I’ve always told myself that I was going to wait until I was 40 to seriously think about taking up the sport of paragliding. I’m not totally sure why, but I […]

Bubble Fun Couloir-Skied It…But Didn’t Ski It

Gabe gets back to skiing after a short down-climb as Zahan looks down the Bubble Fun Couloir The Bubble Fun Couloir on the north side of Buck Mountain has to be one of the hairiest descent routes in the Tetons. It is extremely steep, has a very exposed entrance, and ends in a 200′ foot […]

Buck Mountain/West Peak-North Couloir

I just had to get back into the mountains on Friday, and the weather looked promising. Photographer Chris Figenshau joined me to ski the North Couloir on Buck Mountain’s West Peak. Instead of going directly up the south fork of Avalanche Canyon, we decided to skin up 25 Short and then ski Turkey Chute down […]

Buck Mountain-East Face

NOTE: The snow is falling pretty good today…finally. Unfortunately I’ve been working the last few days, but I look forward to skiing the pow (lots of it) later this week. I did manage to get out for some intervals on the King this morning with my race gear. I was a little queasy from all […]