Nez Perce Sustrugi

I’m off on a long slog and overnight mission today, so I’ll be back next week. Here’s a little edit from skiing the West Hourglass Couloir on Nez Perce the other day. We were behind another party headed into Garnet Canyon and when they told us there were headed to the Hourglass as well, we […]

Negative Tracks

The Tetons poke above the clouds yesterday morning. Click photos for larger image. Conditions have been pretty stellar here in the Tetons the past few days. With fresh snow every morning and the sun popping out, things have been great for ski touring. Over the past couple days however, I’ve had a mixed bag of […]

Sliver Wreck…Happens To All Of Us!

Wray Landon styles the Sliver. After an insane powder run down the Banana Couloir on Mount Prospectors last week, I headed with some friends up to the Sliver on Nez Perce over the weekend. The line was all sloughed out with piles of dense snow down the middle of the whole couloir, and crusty near […]

Photo of the Day…Because I’m Lazy

I toured up into Garnet Canyon yesterday to try and ski the West Hourglass Couloir on Nez Perce.  BUT…as you might guess, with the low snowpack we have so far this year…it isn’t filled in enough yet for a decent without having to negotiate what looked to be two areas of pretty thinly covered rocky […]

Video: Skiing Nez Perce, West Hourglass Couloir

Went up to Garnett Canyon on Saturday and skied West Hourglass Couloir with my friend Chris. Surprisingly, there was no one in the parking lot at 7 am on the first bluebird powder day we’ve had in a long time. I think a lot of people must be out of town…or just over skiing…if that’s […]

Video: Skiing the Sliver on Nez Perce…and Stuff

I’ve been out all night on a TCSAR call-out in Unskiabowl on the Pass…our second call-out on New Year’s Day. Saved his life…and now I’m going to bed. Might take a couple days to recover. I’m sure most people have heard about all the big slides yesterday and I just hope not to have to […]

Cold Day Skiing The Sliver on Nez Perce

Reed Finlay rounds a windy corner in Shadow Peak Cirque on the way to the Sliver on Nez Perce. Last Friday started out with temps in the single digits and high winds predicted to bring the wind-chill down to -30F in the mountains. I met Reed at the airport before sunrise and headed up to […]

Powder in the Hourglass-Nez Perce

I picked up Brian Harder at 7am yesterday, both of us were anxious to get into the mountains, and I think we both lost sleep because of it. We passed the resident moose that seem to have made Gros Ventre Junction their home for the past couple weeks and we were on the trail before […]

East Hourglass Couloir-Nez Perce

I was running solo yesterday so I thought I would take advantage of the track we put in to Garnett Canyon the day before. The Nismo was the only car in the lot when I left at 8:30 and I wondered where everyone was…this is the ski mountaineering capital of North America and all. I […]

The Sliver-Nez Perce

It’s only -5 F…balmy! I’m going back up into Garnet Canyon today, solo. I think I will ski the East Hourglass Couloir…might look at the Ellingwood on the Middle Teton. Here is a TR from yesterday’s tour. Minus 16 degrees (F) does not rally you to get out of the warm house too fast, but […]

Hourglass Couloir-Cold and Crazy!

Note: To view larger images, please right click and select view images…thanks! Cary Smith called me this weekend, inquiring about skiing the Hourglass Couloir on Nez Perce with Brian Harder. After getting a feel for the snow conditions in the park on the past couple tours, I figured that the couloir should be skiing great […]