D5 Albright Slide?

So, last week I went on a ski tour to ski Son of Apocalypse Couloir on Prospector’s Mountain. Someone had skied it the day before (meaning we had sloppy seconds – something I hate), but they dropped in not quite from the top, so my partner and I were still able to get some untracked […]

Son of Apocalypse Couloir?

After a few days of sun last week, the flow moved back into the Tetons on Friday. Attempting to stay off the sun effected slopes, Reed Finlay and I set our sites on a line we refer to as the “Son of Apocalypse” (maybe you call it something different).  It is the Northeast Couloir of […]

Rimrock Couloir

Apocalypse Couloir

Video: Skiing Prospector’s Apocalypse Couloir

I skied Apocalypse Couloir with Harder last week. It was Brian’s first time skiing it and that gave me a good excuse to let him do most of the trail breaking. Thanks Bra! I also used it as a way to get my mind right so to speak and it was the first run on […]

Video: Mini-Golf Couloir Skiing on Prospector Mountain

Just posting this video before heading to the Geneva airport to head home. We stayed with Nicholas Combe one of the coaches of the Swiss Ski Mountaineering Team and his wife Severine Pont-Combe who is one of the top two, if not the top, female racers on the team. They were super hospitable and even […]

Prospector's Limp Noodle? Spaghetti?

Sunrise from Granite Canyon trailhead. I was SO psyched to go skiing last Friday. Sunny days have been few and far between this season and I’ve missed most of them by being on the road or having to work. I was no doubt bummed when I saw the Moose-Wilson Road blown-in in on Friday morning […]

The Other Oils on Prospector Mountain

Reed and I skied these two lines yesterday Dubbed Canola and Peanut Oil. I skied a couple fun lines off of Olive Oil yesterday that I don’t think get skied very much…for a total of 7,000″ of vertical. The original plan was to go big out of the Death Canyon trailhead, but when Reed and […]

Prospectors Mountain-Rimrock Couloir

Note: Many of the routes on Prospectors (including this one) are closed from Nov. 1 to April 30…to protect bighorn sheep winter range. Rimrock Lake is one of the more difficult places to get to in the Tetons. It sits high on the northwest side of Prospectors Mountain and holds some cool terrain to be […]

Apocalypse Couloir-Prospectors Mountain

Reed and I were walking by 7 am yesterday to ski the Apocalypse Couloir on Prospectors Mountain. I say walking because the Death Canyon road had been plowed, but was still closed to cars, making the approach and exit a bit annoying. The Apocalypse is a Teton classic for sure, and one of the steeper […]

Not Happening

Got shutdown on yesterday’s adventure. The plan was to skin up the Banana Couloir on Prospectors, and then ski a spur couloir that dropped you into the bowl to the west. We got an early start under light snow and approached via ‘the maze’. We found ourselves contouring into Open Canyon through punchy, north facing […]