TetonAT.com Videos: Teewinot Southwest Couloir

I called in sickter to work the other day and got out with some friends to ski the Southwest Couloir of Teewinot. I’ve been enjoying skiing in Glacier Gulch this year, and have skied the Southwest Couloir a number of times in the past, but it’s just so darn beautiful in the area that I […]

Skiing Teewinot’s Southeast Couloir

MAN…I have been having some great days skiing in the Tetons lately! Last week, it was warm spring-like conditions on sunny aspects, and now…powder and wind! It looks like it’s gonna dump huge this week, but I’m glad I got another warm sunny day skiing above the clouds on Teewinot with Kim Havell and John […]

Teewinot Video Stokage

Last Friday, I got out with Reed Finlay to ski an obscure line on the southwest side of Teewinot Mountain that drops down into Glacier Gulch. I’m not really sure what to call this route, but we dubbed it the “Son of Southwest”, after Teewinot’s more prominent and more often skied Southwest Couloir, that lies […]

Early Season in the South Couloir of the East Prong

The fun part about skiing early season is that some lines are more technical and less filled in than they are the rest of the winter due to the low snowpack. The not-so-fun part about skiing early season is that some lines are more technical and less filled in than they are the rest of […]

Off The Couch

This has got to be one of the longest trip reports I’ve ever read for 12 hours of skiing.  Luckily, it’s a fantastic read written by Christian Beckwith, who got out for a day of skiing last weekend with one of the Teton’s most talented skiers, Mark Newcomb. A nice descent of the Northwest Couloir […]

From the Notch on Teewinot

Teewinot is the one on the right. Click all photos for larger image. I had a fun ski on Tuesday with Exum guide, rope gun, former rando-racing superstar and general fun-hog, Brendan O’Neill The day started a bit warmer than anticipated, which was nice, and we arrived at the Bradley/Taggart Trailhead just as the sun started […]

Teewinot: More To Come…

Teewinot profile…more later.

Teewinot, East Face, Circa 1989, By Cameron Romero

Note: This trip report is part of the TetonAT Trip Report Contest. Cameron is now in the running to win a FREE pair of Black Diamond skis based on viewer response and the TetonAT panel of judges! Good luck Cameron!! Cameron Romero above the ‘Narrows’ on Teewinot. Circa 1989. Rewind back to April of 1989 […]

Gallery: Hidden Couloir

Gallery: East Face, Teewinot

South Couloir, Teewinot

Gallery: Southwest Couloir, Teewinot

Video: Teewinot/Owen Cirque: Tallboy Couloir

Last weekend I got out into Cascade Canyon with Reed Finlay and Brian Harder. We ventured into the Teewinot/Owen Cirque to ski a line I’ve heard referred to as Tallboy Couloir. If you know it as something else…feel free to share. The couloir kinda starts from the col between the East Prong and the next […]

Photo TR: Skiing Teewinot's Southwest Couloir with the Backbone Media Crew

I got out with Penn Newhard and Greg Williams from Backbone Media this past Tuesday and even though the temps weren’t that cold, the snow still set up nice to make for fast spring time travel. We toured up to the Teewinot/Mt Owen Plateau and skied the Southwest Couloir of Teewinot. Here are some pictures […]

Spot the Skier

Can you spot the skier in this photo? You’ll never guess who. From a trip to the Teewinot/Mt. Owen Plateau on Tuesday.

Skiing Teewinot, East Face

Did the bike-ski-bike thing in the park this weekend and skied the East Face of Teewinot on Friday with Bryan, Colin and Ty. We were on our bikes at 5am and watched the sunrise as we climbed the Apex to the bottom of the route. Clouds lingered around the summit for most of the morning […]

Southwest Couloir-Teewinot

Note: I am off work today and I think I am heading up to ski Wimpy’s. It looks like we only got a trace of new snow last night, but it is supposed to snow all day. Hopefully the wind will help and fill in the tracks before we get to the top. This TR […]

South Couloir, Teewinot

Note: Good Morning! Reading -16F at the airport this morning…brrrrr! I’m skiing The Sliver on Nez Perce today with Dustin Lemke. This is a TR from a great trip skiing the main South Couloir of Teewinot on December 17, 2004. Having found good coverage in the mountains lately, I figured a larger objective, the South […]