Teton Skiing: A History and Guide – by Tom Turiano

Teton Skiing: A History and Guide is the first book the Jackson backcountry skier should purchase before he ventures into the great white beyond. Tom Turiano, a notorious encyclopedia of knowledge of the Tetons and the ranges that make up the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, put out the first detailed description of both casual and ‘hardcore’ ski mountaineering ski routes in the area. His descriptions of both traverses and passes, as well as descents like the Bubble Fun Coulior on Buck Mountain and the Black Ice Coulior on the Enclosure will leave the reader jonesing to break trail or shivering from the excitement. Buy it through Tom’s SelectPeaks.com.


A Climbers Guide to the Teton Range – by Leigh Ortenburger and Reynold “Renny” Jackson

Referred to as ‘the bible’ by many Teton loving mountianeers, A Climbers Guide to the Teton Range provides a lifetime worth of couliors, faces, and ski routes to ponder. It containes fantastic route maps and in depth route descriptions compiled by Leigh Ortenburger and Reynold “Renny” Jackson. Though mainly focusing on climbing routes, this book provides the skier the resources to make the step from backcountry skiing to ski alpinism in the Teton Range.


Select Peaks of the Greater Yellowstone – by Tom Turiano

Select Peaks of the Greater Yellowstone is the second guidebook and historical account from Tom Turiano. Tom broadens his scope and describes coveted routes on the major peaks that make up the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The Madison, Gallatin, Beartooth, Absaroka, Wind River, Gros Ventre, Wyoming, Salt River, Snake River, and Teton Ranges are all visited. It is extremely evident that Tom has put in an immeasureable amount of time and effort compiling data for this publication. It provides hours of adventurous dreaming. Buy it through Tom’s SelectPeaks.com.

Wild Snow – by Louis Dawson

Colorado fourteener legend and ski mountaineering pioneer Louis Dawson covers select ski descents in North America in his book Wild Snow. He describes many of the ‘classic’ descents in the Teton Range, including the Skillet Glacier on Mount Moran and the Glacier Route on the Middle Teton. Lou’s passion for skiing and his drive to push North American ski mountaineering to the limit are evident when reading this publication. Buy it on Wildsnow.com.

Free Skiing – How to Adapt to the Mountain – by Jimmy Oden

Finally someone has put a book together about traveling in the mountains while focusing on skiing. Swed Jimmy Oden has put together this great instructional book hitting on many aspects of backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering. He talks about weather, avalanches, and route finding, as well as rope work, glacier travel and the necessary gear every mountain traveler should carry. This book can be considered the Freedom of the Hills for skiing and acts as a great reference book even for those already experienced in ski mountaineering. Buy it at Freeskiing.nu/.