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Kip Garre Dies in Split Mountain Avalanche

It is with great regret that I report that ski mountaineer and Tahoe resident Kip Garre, and his girlfriend Allison Kreutzen, were recently killed on Spit Mountain in the Eastern Sierra outside of Bishop, CA. Reports indicate that the pair were caught in an avalanche and took a long fall in the Split Couloir. The […]


RIP Arne Backstrom

I have never met Arne Backstrom, but I have met a lot of people from the Tahoe area that knew him well, including Kip Garre who was with him when he died and his brother Ralph, who was on the IceAxe.tv trip to Antarctica last year. Arne died on June 3rd while on an acclimatization […]


Sultana Ridge Ski Team Update

The Sultana Ski Team’s location as of Saturday night, May 6th. After getting several SPOT messenger updates from Andrew McLean and the Sultana Ski Team over the past couple weeks, it’s nice to see that the they have finally been able to move up to their second camp near the summit of Mount Crossen. The […]


Good Luck on Mount Foraker

Sunset on Mount Foraker with the Sultana Ridge in the foreground. Just wanted to wish Andrew McLean and company good luck on their attempt to ski the Sultana Ridge on Mount Foraker (aka, Sultana). Andrew has just left with teammates Courtney Phillips (SLC), Kip Garre (Tahoe) and Fred Marmsater (Boulder) for a shot at the […]


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