By: randosteve|Posted on: September 24, 2006|Posted in: Table Mountain, The Tetons | Comments Off on Table Mountain-First Teton Turns

This trip report is from November 20, 2004, and is what we have to look forwards to.

Looking at the GT from the summit of Table Mt.

In addition to the grassy slopes on the south side of Teton Pass, I recently have started to make an annual, early season venture to Table Mountain…to ‘get further away’. The north-facing bowl off the peak tends to collect some good snow by the end of November and the views are obviously over the top!!! My ski partner, Reed Finlay, and I would label this as a ‘refresher course’.

Hiking down a bit.First Teton turns.

The trail out from the north side of the parking lot in Teton Canyon quickly brings you to high meadows that typically allow you to take the skis off your back and get in some good skinning. Every year the conditions vary, but you seem to always have to remove your skis to ascend the final 100′ to the top. Some ‘poking around’ finds the same ole’ entrance to the north side that I remember. It always seems kind of tricky this time of year, and sometimes it’s my first turn of the season…but like the year before, I send it! Just like riding a bike.

The always happy Reed Finlay loving life! Views to write home about...oh yeah!