By: randosteve|Posted on: November 27, 2006|Posted in: Gear | Comments Off on OXIA

Today we had some visitors from Aspen in the shop pushing their portable oxygen product OXIA. The idea is that it is small enough to travel with you and have enough oxygen to make it worth it. Cartridges hold from 60-100 breaths. It can be applied in a training sense for faster recovery and be carried in a bag or pack when on the go. The unit costs about $60 and refills cartridge go for $15. Check out ABC News Video (here).

Now I had to play the old US Ski Mountaineering Team card to get a complimentary bottle so I will definitely try this thing out. I can see its application to some extent. but is initially sound kind of gimmicky…only time will tell. I don’t think we will carry these at the shop right away. Sale’s Reps Seth Owen and Tyler Macquire said that Wilson Backcountry was going to carry some. I guess I’ll have to go there for refills.