By: randosteve|Posted on: December 21, 2006|Posted in: Nez Perce, The Tetons | Comments Off on East Hourglass Couloir-Nez Perce
Cool snow-fin formation in East Hourglass Couloir, Nez Perce

I was running solo yesterday so I thought I would take advantage of the track we put in to Garnett Canyon the day before. The Nismo was the only car in the lot when I left at 8:30 and I wondered where everyone was…this is the ski mountaineering capital of North America and all.

Good and bad peeing etiquetteThe shadow of Nez Perce on the Middle TetonI stopped at the west side of Bradley Lake to shed my jacket and go potty. I was sure to cover up my mess so others wouldn’t have to look at it…always good etiquette. I made good time, since I was alone and stopped for some food just before I entered the shady canyon.

I was forced to break trail when I got the meadows. I kept the track close to the rocks as I skinned up the apron below the Hourglass Couloirs. After switching to bootpack mode, I hiked up the couloir. The snow felt mostly soft, so I knew it would be a fun ski down. A chockstone blocked the upper reaches of the couloir, but I climbed as high as I could. A cool wind formation had formed, and I dug out a platform to put my skis on.

Looking up East Hourglass I guess this is the end Webbing from a past adventure East Hourglass Couloir from the top Good view of South Sentinal Ready to go

Ninga turns down East Hourglass

It’s hard to go wrong when you are standing at the top of a couloir with views of the Grand and Middle Teton right in your face. The snow was great which was a treat. Most of the time this line looks like crap from below. I skied through some rocks skiers right of the apron…just for fun and then buzzed down the canyon on yesterday’s track, milking turns whenever possible.

I didn’t see a soul while I was out today and I breathed a sigh of relief as I got back down to Bradley Lake, psyched to have completed the Nez Perce Trifecta (Sliver, East and West Hourglass) this early in the season. Solo adventures seem a little different from those with partners, but I always feel great when they are over.