By: randosteve|Posted on: January 28, 2007|Posted in: Gear | Comments Off on Winter OR Trade Show in SLC

Well I’m down in SLC right now, and today will be my first day at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. I have been to many summer shows working for Skinny Skis, but this will be my first one in the winter. I guess I’ve always been too busy skiing or racing. While I’m here, I will be looking at gear related to backcountry skiing to buy for the shop for next winter, as well as doing a little promoting of TetonAT. I am excited to do both! I’m bringing my AT rig, maybe for a dawn patrol, but I hear Utah could use some more snow too…just like JH.

I’m glad that my bosses are giving me more responsibility to decide what we will carry in relation to skis, packs, boots, bindings…etc, at the shop. I feel I have a good grasp of the things I look for and like. Clean designs, skiing/winter specific features, and quality construction will always win out over more price-point models in my opinion. People can go to Sports Authority for that other stuff. The offerings at this years OR will be broad, and many will be totally new technology…with massive research and development behind the scenes. Hopefully I can get some insider info as well.

I’m also psyched to spread the word about TetonAT. I have made up a little handout and have a few appointments already to spread the ‘live to ski’ mantra. I hope to get some good feedback from the industry that will help grow this site as well. The current vibe I’m getting is very good, and I see TetonAT becoming something bigger and more communal. I’m also ready to move to stage two with the blog. Like putting a bit more money into it, to streamline performance and design, as well as adding videos into the mix. I’m interested in doing more guest TR’s too. The possibilities are endless…as long as I can keep on skiing of course.

I forgot my cable to download photos from my camera, so unfortunately I can’t post any images from what I see down here right off the bat. But I have some things on tap to keep you entertained in the meantime.