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Note: Thanks to all those that have donated so far to the TetonAT Switzerland Fund. The biggest donation has been $100 (family…gotta love em…your too Loeffler) and the smallest has been $5…which I am just a greatful for. Thank you all for your support!

Ghost Skier
Ghost skier sighting on Wimpys.

Once again I got my days mixed up and it was Friday when we were on Wimpys, not Saturday…and we were the only car in the lot. Gotta love the weekday crowds. Our first run down the gut was super deep and we leapfrogged to some safety zones in the trees on the way down. I was fun skiing some of the lower elevation ridges that are now more covered than in years past. Can’t wait to do it again!

Ski instructor turns
Reed was calling these ‘ski instructor’ turns.
I think for their rhythmic, balanced and in the fall-line style.

There was no way we were going to put in so much effort to break a trail to the top and not reap the benefits of a second lap. We moved quickly for the first 100′ or so…until the wind had done it’s magic and filled in the majority of the track below the upper bowl. I put my head down, found my rhythm and charged through the powder for the next 1500′. Reed finished her off in the upper bowl again in great ski partner fashion.

 Reed gets more pow
Reeders about to get a face full of powder.

We skied what I call the right ridge on the second lap and the lower section where it opens up a bit was awesome skiing. Since it was still only our track on the trail back to the rig, lots of double poling was required to get any glide what so ever. Reed finally switched to tour mode, but I shuffled with locked heels to the end. Stubborn I guess.

On Saturday I skied Taylor with Harder and again broke trail from the car…but it wasn’t quite as tough. The snow had settled a little bit which made the skiing faster and IMHO…better! Who needs face shots anyway?! I bailed after one lap…feeling a little pooped. I think a couple rest days are in order before some more intervals in preparation for the Worlds. Ciao for now!