By: randosteve|Posted on: April 28, 2008|Posted in: Inspire, People | Comments Off on Report Your Sheep! Teton Range Bighorn Sheep Project

Not one from the Teton herd, but I have seen some while skiing
the SE Face of the South Teton, Static Peak, and Eagles Rest.

With the big snows this year, there is no doubt a lot of wildlife have had a hard time and unfortunately paid the ultimate price. It’s requested that if you’re out skiing this spring and see a bighorn sheep carcass, that you post it on the Teton Bighorn Sheep Project website. Especially in the the Mount Hunt to Granite Creek Divide area. Returned radio collars count for bonus points and might be worth some good local feed at one of Jackson’s finer establishments.

The Teton herd is the smallest in Wyoming numbering only 125 animals. The project has so far collared 20 females by using helicopters and nets. Outfitted with GPS units, the collars will give valuable information on where the sheep hangout and the routes they use. The collars automatically fall off after a predetermined time period…finding them is the tricky part.