By: randosteve|Posted on: December 1, 2009|Posted in: International, South America | Comments Off on 2009 Aconcagua/Polish Glacier Ski Expedition Update 4

polish-glacier-on-aconcagua4Headed up the Mountain!

Steve called yesterday to report that the team has now moved up to Camp One (and a half), located a little over 18,000 ft. The team is doing well – everyone is feeling strong, and the plan is for the team to either take a rest day today or start shuttling gear up to Camp Two. So far, the weather continues to look like it will grant the team a summit window on Thursday; Steve reports that the max. temp that day will be 0 degrees F with a 25 mph wind, bringing the temp. down to around -35F with wind chill.

Unfortunately, the team still has no internet access, so for all those fans, “jonesing” for some pics – sorry, the wait will be a little longer. Please keep in mind though that it is free (and easy!) to send the team a text message, and Steve mentioned again that they love hearing from everyone! Visit, click on “Send a Satellite Message” in the upper right hand corner. and enter the number 881641488254.

I’ll continue to update as I learn more. Please keep sending the team good thoughts, as this may be their final push up Aconcagua!

– Randokitty