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Randosteve skis from near the summit of Spaulding Peak.
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During our day, we watched 7 people…in two different parties, climb up
no more than 1/3 of the way up the Ellingwood Couloir on the Middle Teton. From skiing the
Amora Vida Couloir on the South Teton the day before, I knew why. Suncrust!!!
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After rock-skinning and zig-zaging our way into the snow-zone, we bootpacked up towards
the ridge and Spaulding Peak. It was cold…and I wore my insulated parka on the hike up.
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The bootpacking felt good and the snow was powder, except for a slabby section right were
you didn’t want it. That East Ridge of Gilkey Tower would be a fun ski…when it fills in.
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We poked around on the ridge for a bit,
and then summitted what we think is Spaulding Peak.
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The relief on the other side of the ridge is extreme and my spine shivered when I would get close to check it out. The Southeast Face of the South Teton is the skyline on the left.
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The temperature was about 15 degrees warmer on the ridge because of the radiation
from the sun. It felt good…and the wind was non-existant.
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Unfortunately we couldn’t ski from our highpoint and we
downclimbed a little bit before putting our skis on.
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The clouds came in and out…making the light really flat. This is the section that was slabby
on the way up. A section pulled out near the middle of the pitch, keeping things fair.
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Some slithering through boulders and rocky terrain brought us to skiable snow.
For the record…very good snow.
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After a fun day cruising around in the Tetons, it was time to go home.
I think Spaulding Peak is the pointy one right in the sunspot.
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