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Will The Hossack-MacGowan Route Get Skied Again?

While skiing in Glacier Gulch yesterday, I found myself staring up at and day-dreaming about skiing the Hossack-MacGowan route on the north side of the Grand Teton.   I think it has been about 14 years since the route had its last (2nd) descent, and although we have had some really phat snow years since then, […]

Early Season in the South Couloir of the East Prong

The fun part about skiing early season is that some lines are more technical and less filled in than they are the rest of the winter due to the low snowpack. The not-so-fun part about skiing early season is that some lines are more technical and less filled in than they are the rest of […]

TBP: Most Significant Teton Climbing Achievments

Some of you many know about the plans to build a bouldering park at the base of Snow King this summer. Rumor has it that Teton Boulder Project is over the halfway mark in collecting funds for its construction. Part of the design element is having a steel retaining wall, in the shape of the […]

Second Descent of the Hossack-MacGowan on the Grand Teton

Thanks to Andrew McLean for his account of the second decent of the Hossack-MacGowan Couloir with the late Hans Saari. And rumor has it congratuatlions are in order as his wife is pregnant with their second child. Nice one Andrew! Anyway, I think this is the last of the three part series (part 1, part […]

Hossack-MacGowan Couloir Ski Attempt

My infatuation with the Hossack-MacGowan Couloir on the Grand Teton continues with accounts from Andrew McLean, Mark Holbrook and Kris Erickson, on an attempt to ski the line with the belated ski mountaineer, Hans Saari.   With our first study, we showed how Mark Newcomb and Hans Johnstone skied it in excellent conditions with an […]

First Ski Descent of the Grand Teton's Hossack-MacGowan Route Revisited

The Hossack-MacGowan Couloir on the Grand Teton looking pretty good, May 6, 2008. Though I’m completely scared shitless of what has to be the raddest line off the summit of the Grand Teton, the more I study it, the more I want to ski it.� But finding it in good, ski-able conditions is key and […]

Ski Descent Technicalities From the Masters: Part 4

Mark Newcomb, co-owner of Exum Mountain Guides and Marmot athlete, is one of my biggest ski mountaineering idols and when he talks about skiing…people listen. His pioneering descents of such lines as the Spooky Face and the Hossack-McGowan in the Tetons blow the minds of aspiring skiers like myself. Mark has got to be one […]