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Broken Thumb, Doc’s Thumb or Ulnar Collateral Couloir

While waiting for the bigger lines in the park to stabilize, I got out recently with Reed Finlay to ski a line on the north side of 25 Short that we have both both been eying for many years. Although 25 Short is a rather tame and low angle powder run, the lines on its […]

Randokitty Chutes the Moon

Randokitty skis Chute the Moon. Last weekend, I got out with a great skier-friend of mine and finally “Shot the Moon”! Chute the Moon is hardly radical by TetonAT standards, but I had been staring at (and obsessing about) this aesthetic line on the north side of Peak 10,696 for most of this ski season. […]

Teton Skiers: Beware of Continued Lurking Avalanche Danger

Like many of you, I have been starting to feel a lot better about the Teton snowpack. But after today, I am again…sick to my stomach. Fearing wind more than avalanches today, I got out with a friend to attempt a line I have been looking at and wanting to ski for a long time. […]