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Avoid Transceiver Creep

I like to wear my transceiver on the front of my torso and away from my arms, backpack straps and jacket pockets. Like many of you (I think), I wear an avalanche transceiver when skiing in the backcountry. (My personal favorite is an Ortovox S1.) Most transceivers come with a decent carrying case and harness […]

Ortovox S1 Firmware Update Version 1.2.3074

A lot of transceivers come tethered to their harnesses with some bungee cord. Sometime I want more flexibility with it, so I cut the bungee and girth hitch it to the harness…so it can be removed. I think one of the biggest advantages of owning an Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transceiver is the ability to walk […]