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Iron Skin Glue Recharge

So, the jury is still out on this one, but I have high hopes that this is a great solution to gooey, globbed up skin glue that occasionally sticks to your ski base, and will negate, or at least delay, the need to reglue your climbing skins. I treated three pairs of my skins to […]

Black Diamond Split Skins…Two Thumbs Up!

Leave your mark in the snow with Black Diamond Split Skins. I’ve got about 20-25 days on the new Black Diamond Split Skins so far and I’m not sure why anyone would use other types of skins for their ultra-fat skis anymore. For those not up to speed, BD introduced the Split Skin this season. […]

Installing New Black Diamond Adjustable Skin-Tip Loops

Well, I’ve been slowly getting my quiver ready for this up coming ski season, cutting skins, mounting bindings and waxing skis (hey…nothing like an early start). And I’ve got to say, I’m very impressed with the new climbing skin tips from Black Diamond. Though they take a bit more time to install than the basic […]

Randosteve's Reglue?

Sounds catchy…eh? I’ve been thinking about starting a skin re-gluing business. I have done it for a bunch of years at the store (and had pretty good results), but we stopped offering the service a couple years ago and I think it’s pretty hard to find anyone who provides it anymore…in any state. I thought […]